(Download Driver) HP LaserJet P1102 Driver Download for Free


Today we come here with one more printer driver, which is HP LaserJet pro P1102 driver. Here in this page, we are going to share with you guys the download link for HP LaserJet pro P1102 printer driver. In this page included HP LaserJet P1102 driver download link for windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8, 8.1, Windows 7, vista, xp, Windows Server 2003, 2008 and MacOS x10.4 to x10.7. Please go to download section below to download HP LaserJet pro P1102 driver.

HP this laserjet P1102 printer model is the most selling model in its segment because of its laser printing technique and its economical printing. The printer size is also very compact, I oved it. Its maintenance is also very low. HP P1102 Technical model number is: BOISB-0902-00, Printer Number: CE651A / VNC6H18325. Lots of users have P1102w printer as well, so it is very common they can download wrong printer driver by mistake. Make sure you are downloading P1102w driver for P1102w printer and P1102 driver for P1102 printer.

HP LaserJet P1102 Printer Snapshot

HP LaserJet P1102 Driver Download for Windows xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 32bit or 64bit, Linux and Mac operating system.

The HP LaserJet P1102 is a compact, affordable monochrome printer that can deliver top-quality prints while saving money by using less energy with its Instant-on Technology. In this guide, you will get access to working links for downloading the HP LaserJet pro P1102 driver for multiple operating systems, and also complete information on how to install those driver properly on your computer.

Click here to go HP P1102 Specifications Page.

How to download HP LaserJet P1102 driver.

To download the right printer driver you must know the exact version of the operating system running on your computer. Once you know that, you should choose your operating system from the list of various operating systems given on this page. Next, you should download the HP LaserJet P1102 printer driver associated with your operating system.

HP P1102 laser printer driver download section


Update: Added HP LaserJet P1102 official download page link. Added more information about “not available” drivers.

HP LaserJet P1102 driver compatibility.

Many users are concerned about the compatibility of a driver before installing it on their computer. This concern is completely justified because an incompatible driver can cause device malfunctions. We fully understand this concern of the users, that’s why we have tested all our printer drivers for their compatibility with their associated operating systems and the HP LaserJet P1102 printer. Therefore, you can install our printer drivers on your computer without any hesitation.

Download and Installation Guide

Option1: How to install the drivers for the HP LaserJet P1102 printer using the CD wizard:

  1. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button on it.
  2. Load the driver CD that came with your printer into your computer’s CD drive.
  3. The AutoPlay window will popup and prompt you to Install or run program from your media.
  4. Click on Run or execute the file named as Autorun.exe.
  5. Windows will ask you if you want to open the installer at which point you should click on Yes.
  6. Before the installation can continue, you need to review the agreements and then click on the checkbox next to “I have reviewed and accept the installation agreement”.
  7. You’ll now be promoted to click Next to begin installing the HP LaserJet P1102 printer drivers. The Installer will copy files from the CD and transfer them to your computer.
  8. A menu with a few choices will appear, so make sure you choose the way you want to connect the printer to your computer.
  9. Choose to either connect it through a wireless network, a wired network or using a USB cable.
  10. A window will then appear asking that you connect one end of the USB cable into your printer and the other into your laptop/computer.
  11. Your computer will find the printer (automatically) and then continue/next with the installation.
  12. Once the installation is complete, the installer will notify you about it.
  13. A window will appear saying the software was successfully installed, Click Finish.

Option2: How to install the drivers for the HP LaserJet P1102 printer Installation package:

You can install printer drivers even if you have lost your printer drivers CD. This is the method that you can install HP LaserJet P1102 printer without CD (disc).

Method1 to download driver

  1. Go to HP LaserJet P1102 official website and click on Download drivers button.
  2. Enter your printer name in the Find my product box.
  3. A series of results will appear, so make sure you select your specific printer model by clicking on it
  4. Choose your operating system that matches your version of Windows.
  5. Choose either the Basic Driver or Full Feature Driver. The Basic Driver package includes all the basic files required to use the printer. The Full Feature package includes extra software, such as maintenance programs, utilities and even photo editing apps.

Method2 to download driver

  1. You can download driver through this page as well. Driver Download links are also given on the this page, you can download it from here directly. Scroll above and find out the driver download link.

Then follow the below given instructions to install HP LaserJet P1102 driver

  1. Click on the driver package and choose where you want to download it on your computer.
  2. Click Save and wait until the download is complete.
  3. Double click on the Driver package of your choice after it’s downloaded. The installation will extract the files required to begin.
  4. The installation will now begin, so walk the Wizard prompts to install the drivers.
  5. Accept Installation agreements.
  6. Connect your printer to your computer when prompted to do so.
  7. Click Finish to finish installing the drivers.

How to install the drivers for the HP LaserJet P1102 printer through “Add a printer” (Manually):

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Locate Control Panel on the right and click on it.
  3. Go to Hardware and Sound.
  4. Under Devices and Printers, click on Add printer.
  5. Choose Add a local printer if you don’t have a USB printer listed in the list. That’s because Windows installs USB printers automatically as you plug them in.
  6. Choose a port for your printer or create a new one and then click Next.
  7. Choose your printer from the list (including brand and model) and click Next.
  8. Now all you have to do is select Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended) and click Next. If you don’t find your printer drivers in this default list then you have to download drivers first from their own official website then extract them to temp folder then give that temp folder path in this “add a printer” installation wizard.
  9. Click next again and then click Finish.

HP LaserJet P1102 installation

Proper installation of the printer driver is important for the proper functioning of your printer. Unfortunately, the most common complain we get from users is that they were unable to install their printer drivers properly. Generally, this happens because many users are unaware of the proper installation procedure for their installed operating system.

Our experts have prepared a short and precise installation guide for all our printer drivers. This has been done to simplify the driver installation process and to make it error-free. Although the installation procedure is simple, but it’s different for each operating system. Therefore, you must read the instructions carefully and execute them as they are described.

HP LaserJet P1102 uninstallation

Even after installing the right printer driver in a proper way if you are experiencing printer malfunctions, then it’s probably due to driver conflicts. Having driver conflicts on your computer can create multiple problems with various devices. However, getting rid of driver conflicts from your computer is a simple and easy process if you follow the right steps.

First, you should make a list of all the unnecessary and old drivers that are still installed on your computer. Preferably, you should uninstall all these drivers from your computer, since you don’t need them anymore or you have their newer version on your computer. However, if due to some reason you are unable to do that, then at least make sure that only useful drivers are running on your computer when you are using your HP LaserJet P1102 printer.

HP LaserJet P1102 features

  • HP Monochrome Laser technology.
  • Print resolution of up to 1200 dpi.
  • Print speed of up to 18 ppm for black prints.
  • Processor speed of 266 MHz.
  • Duty cycle of 5,000 pages per month.
  • Supports mobile printing.
  • Uses HP FastRes 1200 Image Enhancement Technology.

HP LaserJet P1102 product number CE651A supported operating systems

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OSX 10.1 or later

Questions & Answers

Question :

Required hp laser jet p 1102 driver need free software. asked by Zakir

Answer :

HP 1102 Software for Windows 10 is also included in the full feature driver package. Here is the windows 10 full software & driver package HP 1102. This combo pack also listed in above download section.

Question :

Kindly send me a driver driver for HP LASERJET P1102 i want to install to my laptop advent asked by ANTHONIA AHMODU

Answer :

This driver is already listed in our download list. So please go to the download section and download windows 7 driver from there.

Question :

Divers for the laserjet printer p1102 printer isn't seen. please send me a link on the email. asked by OTWAN

Answer :

Windows 10 driver is already listed in the download list above. So, please go to the download section above and download windows 10 driver from there. We have sent you this driver through email as well.

Question :

why I can not download HP LaserJet P1102? asked by K.Channy

Answer :

I just have checked the all download links and all are working perfectly fine. We recommend you to please use a diffrent browser to download the file. Here is the direct link to download the file, click here.

Question :

I have HP LaserJet Professional P1102 printer, it was installed but there was a problem that forced to deinstall and I can not reinstall the printer. I ask you to solve the problem. HP LaserJet P1102 Windows 8 - 64bit. asked by Edgar

Answer :

Sure, we provide you its software & driver package so that you can install this printer again. Here is the download link to download drivers for Windows 8 64-bit HP P1102 printer.


  1. I can’t install software for my HP LaserJet P1102. In the middle when it ask to connect device to your computer, and when I hookup USB cable to computer “it says USB Device Not Recognized – USB Device attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it” Kindly advise what should I do. Thanks a lot.

    • Do uninstall printer driver and all the USB drivers, then do reboot your computer after that all the usb drivers will be re-installled automatically. Then you can repeat tghe whole installation process.

    • All the download links are listed on this page already. So please lookout the download section again and then let us if still doesn’t find it.

  2. Hi,

    I have just upgraded to Windows 10. I tried to download HP Laser Jet P1102 driver but keep failing. Can you please advise how to get the driver? Thank you.

    • You need to uninstall old driver first then download windows 10 driver and install it. Here is the link to download for windows 10 driver: http://whp-aus2.cold.extweb.hp.com/pub/softlib/software13/COL32431/bi-80329-11/hp_LJP1100_P1560_P1600_Full_Solution-v20120831-50157036_SMO.exe

  3. i find it difficult to install hp lasejet p1102, if i connect it with my system is telling me that the device was not successfully installed, wat will i do? pls help

    • Do one thing, first do uninstall the P1102 all the drivers from your computer and then re-install it with latest drivers package. NOTE: Keep disconnect HP P1102 printer from computer until the next new installation will ask you to conntect the printer.

    • Windows upgrade from 7 to windows 10 doesn’t update printer drivers accordingly. You have to update printer driver manually. Do uninstall currently installed printer drivers and then do reisntall driver with the latest drivers. All the drivers are listed above.

    • We just have sent you the drivers through email. Please let us know if could help you more. Explain your problem in detail then we can help you better.

    • Thank you for contacting us,
      All the drievrs are already listed on this page. Anyway, we just have sent you the driver to your email.
      Please let us know again if need more help.
      FPDD Team

    • Hp laserjet 1102 All the drivers are already listed in the download section above. You can go to the download section and download the driver as per your operating system. We have sent you the 1102 driver to your email address as well.

  4. i downloaded the setup then in process of installation i lost the name of this printer hp laser jet p1102 then i found hp laser jet p1560, hp laser jet p1100, and hp laser jet p1600, you may help me because what i wanted i not what i get

    • Sure, we’ll help you with that. Could you please provide us the particular printer model number? so that we can send you its drivers.

    • Yes, You can use both together. For an example, one computer connect it through USB and your laptop will connect with WIFI.

  5. It’s not running after extracting in windows 10. i tried it in older windows, it works. but i have problem only on win 10.

    • Please reboot your computer once and then run the driver installer again, maybe it will work after reboot.
      If it doesn’t work then you have to run the main setup.exe file from the extracted folder manually. HP default extracted folder has a random name and located in %temp% folder. You have to find a folder in %temp% folder which has a random name and contains HP files. Example:- “7z4e3s2” (Folder Name). Run the setup.exe file from there.
      Please reply back if our help doesn’t work for you.

  6. I have downloaded the driver on my computer already but I cannot install it. Could you tell how to do that? I’m running windows 10 Pro. It shows nothing after extracting files.

    • Please reboot your computer once and then run the driver installer again, maybe it will work after reboot.
      If it doesn’t work then you have to run the main setup.exe file from the extracted folder manually. HP default extracted folder has a random name and located in %temp% folder. You have to find a folder in %temp% folder which has a random name and contains HP files. Example:- “7z4e3s2” (Folder Name). Run the setup.exe file from there.
      Please reply back if our help doesn’t work for you.


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