HP LaserJet P1007 Driver & Software download for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32 bit – 64bit, Linux, and for Mac OS.

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HP LaserJet P1007 Printer Description

The HP LaserJet P1007 is one of the best printer choices in its class. The printer has high speeds and can be relied upon to serve a busy office well. The printer supports up to 150 paper sheets in the input tray which range from different kind of media sizes.

The printer has high speeds of up to 14ppm ensuring several documents can be printed within the shortest time possible. The HP LaserJet P1007 is one of the best monochrome printers in its category with high resolution of up to 600 by 600 dpi which ensures documents printed are of high quality and highly visible.

It can be connected to a computer through a USB port and used to print documents from the PC. However, all these features might not be active without the printer drivers which usually act as the middle software connecting the printer with the computer.

HP LaserJet P1007 Printer Image

HP LaserJet P1007 Printer driver download is a simple process and can be performed by anybody with basic computer knowledge. The process of downloading and installing the drivers usually requires the user to have a compatible operating system for the drivers to be able to install properly. The drivers usually exist in different versions and users are advised to select the latest version when downloading.

Update on Aug-12-2018: We have added HP LaserJet P1007 windows 10 drivers into above download list. Now you can easily download drivers for win 10 as well. If you have upgraded your windows from windows 7 or 8 to 10 and your HP LaserJet P1007 printer has stopped working, it means you have to uninstall the older driver and install the newer windows 10 version drivers on that.

Update on February 7, 2019: We have added HP p1007 official download link.

Update on March 11, 2019: Updated Windows 7 64-bit driver download link.

HP LaserJet P1007 Driver Download Link

The compatible operating system for the HP LaserJet P1007 printer includes the following:

  • Click here to download driver for windows XP (32 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows XP (64 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows Vista ( 32 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows Vista ( 64 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 7 (32 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 7 (64 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 8 ( 32 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 8 ( 64 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 8.1 ( 32 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 8.1 ( 64 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 10 ( 32 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows 10 ( 64 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows server 2000Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows server 2003 ( 32 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for windows server 2003 ( 64 bit) – Download
  • Click here to download driver for Mac PC – OS x 10.310.410.510.610.710.810.910.10.
    Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2012, 2019 and Mac 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 (Mojave) driver not avaialble for download, click here to get more info.
  • Click here to download driver for Linux PC – Download Info


HP LaserJet P1007 Driver Compatibility

Once users have confirmed the compatibility of the operating system, they can go ahead and click on the download link to start the downloading process. The download process will start immediately once users click save and select the directory they want the file saved. This process will take a few minutes and the file containing the drivers will be stored in your PC. Users can then install the drivers by opening the folder containing the drivers and selecting the Setup exe format. The drivers will immediately be installed and stored into your program list.

HP LaserJet P1007 Printer Installation Guide

Before starting to use the printer, it is essential to download and update all the printer software so that all features like the printer troubleshooting feature can be active. Check if the drivers were installed properly and if not uninstall them and re-install them again. The printer features will not function if the drivers are installed wrongly. The HP LaserJet P1007 with all the printer drivers and software update will serve the users well with all the features functioning and this way users will get real value for money. Sir, I want HP Laser jet p1007 software not download. Follow the below given installation steps.

How to set up HP p1007 printer steps

  1. Download ljP1000_P1500-HB-pnp-wi-64-en.exe from above download section according yo your operating sysm version.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file.
  3. Click on “Yes” to allow permission to install it on your computer. The driver installer file will will start extracting.
  4. After that you’ll get an user agreement window. Tick the checkbox “I accept” and click on Next. After that you’ll the window that stated “installing“.

  5. Just after that you’ll get another window which is be detecting your printer through USB cable. So make your printer cable is properly connected to the computer. And make sure the printer is powered ON. As per given in the screenshot.

Watch a video tutorial on how to install HP laserjet p1007 printer driver in Windows 10

Follow the above given download link to download HP LaserJet P1007 Printer Drivers

Questions & Answers

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Question: I want to install HP 1007 printer on windows 10. It is showing installed but printing is not done if print order given from system. please guide

Answer: We recommend you to please uninstall the current driver that you just have installed. And then re-install the driver with the latest one which is for windows 10 OS. Here is the driver download link: Download HP P1007 laserjet driver for windows10.

Question: I have a HP Laser Jet 1007 Model for which i need software to install in my lap top (Windows 7) so as to use it.

Answer: Windows 7 driver is listed in the above download section as well. Go to the download section and download HP laser jet p1007 printer driver.

Question: Pl. send me HP LESAR JET 1007P Windows Vista softwere & drivers want to add printer HP P1007

Answer: Windows vista driver is also listed in the above download section. Go to the download section and download HP 1007p printer driver. We just have sent you the particular link to your email.

Question: I want HP LaserJet P1007 Printer driver for Windows 8

Answer: Windows 8 driver is also listed in the above download section. Go to the download section above and download HP 1007 printer driver for windows 8 OS. We have sent you the particular link to your email.

Question: Is HP lazer jet p1007 printer driver is compatible with android 3g supported mobile?

Answer: To set up a new HP printer on your android phone, you have to install an HP SMART app on your phone and follow its on-screen instructions.
If you have an older version of Android OS, then you have to install HP print service plugin additionally as well.

Question: I have formated my pc so once again i reinstall the printer driver (hp laserjet p1007) windows 10

Answer: Click here to download the driver for Windows 10 64bit OS

Question: ridiculers i need full software of p1007 printer not a driver u are confusing me,is the driver and software are similar? no than why im not getting the software rather than as driver.

Answer: Sorry to say but there is no software available for download.  Only the basic driver is available for download. Thanks

Question: HP laserjet1007 Windows 7 printer installation is not completed. The pin is not in plug this message is showing on Windows 7.

Answer: Most of the users have this type of problem while re-installing this printer. We are giving you some steps, please follow them carefully and then report us back.

Method 1: The first method is do reboot your computer & printer both. Make sure the printer is turned ON and connected to the computer properly after reboot. Then try to install the printer again. In most of the cases the non-detection issue will be fixed after the reboot.

Method 2: Switch the USB port where your the printer is connected to the computer, plug the USb cable into another USB port. Make sure the printer's USB cable connects to ONLY back of the computer directly.

Method 3: Uninstall all the USB's drivers from "Device Manager" and then reboot your computer. Then try to reinstall the printer again.

Method 4: If the above methods don't work for you then most probably the printer's USB cable is gone faulty. Please try to replace the USB cable and install the printer again.

Method 5: Uninstall all the printer drivers from your control panel and then reboot your computer once. After that reinstall the printer with the latest driver package. Make sure you are using the exact model number printer drivers.

Method 6: If this doesn't work as well then it might be a hardware issue in your printer itself. So, please follow the following instruction to diagnose whether is this the hardware issue or software issue.

  1. Please open "device manager", and then connect the printer's USB cable to the computer's USB port and then look at the "device manager" screen, if anything happens in the "device manager" then it might be a software issue in the computer. Because the printer is detecting in the "device manager" properly but not detecting through its software.
  2. The second option is: if you don't found any activity in the "device manager" while connecting or disconnecting the USB cable of the printer, then it is the clear sign that your printer might have a hardware issue.

We have explained everything about it so that you can diagnose your issue yourself. If you have any doubt or question, so leave your query in the comment section below.


Answer: Windows 8.1 driver is already mentioned in the download section above. Click here to download hp laserjet 1007 driver for the Windows 8.1 64bit. Leave you reply if it doesn't work. Please explain your problem in detail so that we can provide you the proper solution for the exact problem.

Question: hp laser jet p 1007

Answer: Click here to go to the download section above to download the driver. Or please let us know if anything else.

Question: How to make printer online after getting its printer driver.

Answer: Please check out this video tutorial to know how to make printer online.

Question: I just want to share my printer in lab but the computer (another) doesn't have the hp LaserJet p1007 driver, how can I share II?

Answer: Share your printer for the network from the first computer. Then install HP laserjet P1007 basic driver on other computers manually. Download HP Laserjet P1007 basic driver for All Windows 32-bit / for 64-bit. Know, how to install HP laserjet P1007 basic driver manually.

Question: I am unable to download driver on window 7 64 bit.

Answer: We have have updated the downlaod link of Windows 7. Click here to download the driver for Windows 7 64-bit OS.

Question: hp-laserjet-p1007-driver-download-for XP 32 Bit

Answer: Download HP Laserjet P1007 printer driver for Windows XP 32-bit OS.

Question: Whenever I have been trying download software Printer HP Laser Jet p1007, but I could not download this software. Please solve this problem.


We just have double-checked the Windows 10 driver download link and it's working perfectly fine. Maybe the HP's server gets down at the time you were trying to download the hp 1007 drivers. Please try this link to download driver and let us know again if it doesn't work.

Question: I am working as a librarian my personal computer is out of order to which the printer was connected. I am in need of prints for taking reports. I have to connect the printer to the server PC for the time being. Kindly send me suitable driver to install the above said printer, help me and oblige

Answer: Yes, you can easily install this printer on your Windows Server 2008 32bit computer using Windows 7 32 driver in compatibility mode. Please do reply if it doesn't work, then we'll give other options as well.


  1. kindly send hplaserjet p1007 driver and instal for windows7 professional ON EMAIL id, —DESPERATELY NEEDED PLEASE

  2. Sir please send hplaserjet p1007 driver for windows7 professional on my EMAIL id : *****
    please its urgent

    Thank you

  3. Please send me the driver software for hp laserjet p1007 orelse tell me where i can get the driver for it.

    • We already have listed all the driver of HP Laserjet P1007 Printer above on this page, find and click on download link again. Please let us know again if does not get.

    • So sorry for the inconvenience about the downloading drivers for 32bit OS. We have checked it and got the issue, there was no direct download links available. We just have updated these downloading links on 07/Junly/2015. Now, hope you will get the direct download link on them.
      To download drivers – go to “download” section and click on download link according to your operating system.
      Here is the direct download link for Windows 7 (32bit) computer. Click on the URL : http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL21048/bi-55240-7/ljP1000_P1500-HB-pnp-win32-en.exe. We are also sending you this link to you via email as well.
      Please let us know if you face any type on issue on them.

  4. Sir,
    HP Lasejet p1007 printer is not working after installing window 10. Please send a link to download printer driver for the same.

    • We have added the windows 10 drivers for HP Laser P1007 printer. Go to above download section and click on the download of windows 10 OS.

    • All the drivers are listed here on this page, you can easily download it as per your operating system. Otherwise let me know your operating system, we’ll give you direct link download drivers.