Question: Where to download the Epson L-365 reset tool (Adjustment Program)?

Answer: Click here to download the Epson L-365 Adjustment tool (Resetter) in Free of charge.

Download L365 adjustment program for free
Click on below link to download the l365 restter.

  1. Open downloaded zip file and run Adjprog.exe application. An Epson Adjustment program will open.
  2. In this adjustment program, click on select button.
  3. After click on select, now choose your printer model number and port from given list.

  4. Click on “Particular Adjustment Mode” and use this tool as you would like to do.

It can solve waste ink counter reset error. If you want to reset ink pad, then you can do it by following guide on how to reset ink pad end of its service life issue (Reset Waste ink Pad Counter – Epson Inkjet Printer.) It is also known as Epson resetting software maintenance reset utility (Adjustment Program.)

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Question: Thank you The tool is very cool Thank you very much.

Answer: You're most welcome!! Keep visiting our website.

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  1. Your website is really useful, I downloaded the printer reset on your web site and solved my printer problem, which is completely free, Go ahead Boss.


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