Question: Where to download the Epson L-365 reset tool (Adjustment Program)?

Answer: Click here to download the Epson L-365 Adjustment tool (Resetter) free of charge. If you are prompted for a password while extracting the zip file, then use fpdd as a password.

Download L365 adjustment program for free
Click on the link below to download the l365 restter.

Download Link
Password: fpdd
If you face any complications while using the tool, then read its FAQs carefully.

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  1. Download the above Epson L365 resetter program first.
  2. Turn off your antivirus protection for a while. You may turn it on after you have done the following steps.
  3. Unzip the Epson L365 Resetter Tool file into a folder.
  4. Run the Adjprog.exe application from the extracted folder. An Epson Adjustment program will open.
  5. In this adjustment program, click on select button.
  6. After click on select, now choose your printer model number and port from given list.

  7. Click on “Particular Adjustment Mode” and use this tool as you would like to do.

It can solve the waste ink counter reset error. If you want to reset ink pad, then you can do it by following guide on how to reset ink pad end of its service life issue (Reset Waste ink Pad Counter — Epson Inkjet Printer.) It is also known as Epson resetting software maintenance reset utility (Adjustment Program.)

If you face any problem then please leave your message in the comment or Q&A section down below.

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Question: Thank you The tool is very cool Thank you very much.

Answer: You're most welcome!! Keep visiting our website.

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  1. Your website is really useful, I downloaded the printer reset on your web site and solved my printer problem, which is completely free, Go ahead Boss.

  2. I need resetter for Epson L-3150… please help me due to lockdown unable to go for the service center. I have some projects print for my final year. Help me, bro

    • Sorry this resetter is not for IMAC, you’ll have to use this resetter on Windows. I think that’s why the password is not working either.

    • Please follow the following instructions carefully.

      1. Download and install WINRAR on your computer. WinRaR download link:
      Important Note: It might be possible that your already installed zip file software has gone outdated. Outdated zip software may have the following issues: telling the wrong password (but the password is correct) and showing an error while extracting the zip file (but zip file is OK). So install the latest one to ignore this type of issue.

      2. Disable your antivirus for 15 minutes. Here’s the guide:
      Important Note: If you do not disable antivirus then you may get an error message while extracting or running the adjustment program (Resetter).
      3. Download the resetter once again to a new location.
      4. Now extract it by right-clicking on it and click on the ‘Extract to’ option.
      5. While extracting it, it will be asking for a password. So the password is: fpdd

      That’s it.

    • We have already given the password just beneath the download button, please look at it again. Please don’t mind, the password is: fpdd

  3. Hello, I am attempting to run AdjProg.exe for Epson Artisan 837. I found the tool and installed and unzipped it. I’ve opened the tool, selected particular adjustment mode, waste counter reset and keep receiving different error codes Communication Error! Error Code 21000010 and 21000012C.

    I’ve tried selecting both Port USB001 (Artisan 837,) and Auto Selection – both give me an error. Printer is hooked up via usb port. Antivirus programs are turned off. I tried running in compatibility mode Windows XP (I am running Windows 10,) nothing works. I know my cable is ok as it is reflected in the selection.

    I cannot find any info that helps with the error codes, except ensuring only one printer is installed (true,) and the other items mentioned above. Can someone please help?

    • Your zip software has gone outdated. You need to update your zip software or install 7z software, the same (fpdd) password will work.

  4. Hi Every one. I need help. My UV Flatbed printer which uses the Epson SC-P400 system has an error. It’s flashing the wifi, power, paper and ink lights. When you power it on, it tries to do self check but starts flashing the lights and disconnect itself from the computer. This makes it hard for me to see in the resert program . any help will be highly apprecaietd

      • There is no paper jam and the printer is not on offline. The worst part is that when it starts flashing the mentioned lights in my earlier post, it even disconnect itself from the computer. How I wish I could send you screen shots.

          • If it doesn’t work on all USB ports, there might be a possibility that it might be a hardware issue in the printer and we cannot help you if it finds a hardware issue. By the way, you can upload your video on your youtube account easily, see this:


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