Wireless Printer & USB Printer Installation Guide

When it comes to office equipment, printing should always be pretty easy. However, these days, besides wired printers, you can also purchase wireless printers which help you get rid of the clutter on your desk and behind it as well. However, installing each of them is quite different, but we’re going to see how it can be done in the paragraphs below.

Installing a printer with Wi-Fi capability

One of the best things about wireless networks is that they’re generally set up to use DHCP. What this means is that the network router will automatically assign an internet protocol address to other devices connecting to it. Before the printer can connect to a wireless network, you need to install the software it came with. Next, all you have to do is turn it on, go to its main menu and ensure Wi-Fi is turned on. Lastly, select your Wi-Fi network from its menu, enter the password (if you have one set up) and the printer will connect to the network.

Printer Installation Guide of Wifi connectionInstalling a printer that only has a USB port

If the printer doesn’t feature a network adapter, but you still need to connect it to your computer and to the internet, then you should connect it to your laptop and then share it over the Wi-Fi network. If you have a NAS box, that’s great since these offer printer sharing. As a result, all you have to do is connect the printer to the USB port on the box and the printer will be set up through the network attached storage admin interface.

Printer Installation Guide of USB connection

In terms of which of these two ways of using your printer is best, it depends on your needs. If you don’t like cables, then you should get a Wi-Fi capable printer, but if your budget is low and you don’t mind using cables, then a regular USB printer would do just fine.

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