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Epson Adjustment Program FAQs

Q1: Having problem in downloading, what to do?
A: If you face any problems while downloading the adjustment tool, then we recommend that you change your browser – try to download it using another browser; it should work. OR report the problem here with complete details about what exactly happens when you click on the link.

Q2: Problem in unzipping, what to do?
A: You are experiencing this problem because either your ‘zip software‘ (Winzip, WinRaR, 7z) has gone outdated or your antivirus keeps deleting the files while extracting. You need to update your zip file software or disable your antivirus temporarily first.

Q3: Not found AdjProg.exe file after unziping, what to do?
A: You are experiencing this problem because your antivirus keeps removing the resetter’s main file (AdjProg.exe). So disable your antivirus temporarily or restore the deleted file from your antivirus. This will fix the issue. After you have disabled your antivirus, extract the zip file again and then run the resetter’s EXE file once more.

Q4: fpdd password is not working (showing incorrect password message), what to do?
A: The password is: fpdd If it still shows the incorrect password message then you will need to update your ‘zip software’ (Winzip, WinRaR, 7z). Sometimes the zip software shows this type of error message due to its outdated version.

Q5: My antivirus keeps catching the resetter as a virus, what to do?
A: The resetter has been patched. So it may be caught as a virus in your browser, but it is not. In this case, follow this video tutorial‘s instructions or you can download it using another browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, MS Edge etc. This is completely upon you, would you like to download cracked software to your computer or not, there is no guarantee of anything from our side.

Q6: Resetter goes up to ‘not responding’ state while using it, what to do?
A: Try to run this reset utility in safemode. Make sure that your printer is connected to the computer properly. Try re-plugging it into another port. Make sure your printer is turned ON.

To use the resetter correctly, please follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Download and install WINRAR on your computer. WinRaR download link: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
    Important Note:
    It might be possible that your already installed zip file software has gone outdated. Outdated zip software can create the following issues:
    – Showing incorrect password message (but the password is correct)
    Showing an error while extracting/unzip the zip file (but the zip file is OK).
    To fix these types of issues, install the latest version of your zip software. It should be fixed.
  2. Disable your antivirus for 15 minutes. Here’s the guide: https://www.freeprinterdriverdownload.org/how-to-disable-antivirus-temporarily/
    Important Note: If you do not disable antivirus then you may get an error message while extracting or running the adjustment program (Resetter).
  3. Download the resetter once again to the new location.
  4. Now extract/unzip it by right-clicking on it and clicking on the ‘Extract to‘ option.
  5. While extracting it, it will be asking for a password. So, use fpdd as your password.
  6. That’s it.

If you have followed all the above steps carefully and the reset utility still doesn’t work, then you can write to us here with full details.

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Question: Hello, Hi. The App can't run on my PC(MacBook pro)

Answer: I'm sorry to say that it won't work on Macbook, it is for Windows only. Macbook resetter is not available for download. I suggest you connect to this printer on any Windows computer temporarily (for just resetting the printer) and then run this resetter there.