The Epson L382 is an incredible all-in-one inkjet ideal printer for all types of colour printing. This printer has Waste Ink Pads which is used for gathering and engrossing waste ink during the printing process and also for the cleaning of print-heads. Epson L382 will stop working properly if its Waste Ink Pads are flooded with ink.

To resolve this issue Epson has released an ink resetter software called the Epson L382 Resetter Tool. Epson provides this Adjustment Program completely free of cost. All you need to know is the proper method of using this Epson reset tool for Epson L382. On this page, you will get the Epson L382 resetter download link, along with the description on how to use this adjustment tool in the right way so that you can restore the original workings of your Epson L382.

Epson L382 Resetter Tool Download Link

Use the Epson L382 Resetter Tool download link given below to download your Epson adjustment software. Here, we are providing a genuine Epson program from our download link.

Click on the Download Link button

Download Link
Password: fpdd

If you face any complications while using the tool, then read its FAQs carefully.

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How to use Epson L382 Resetter Program.



  1. Download the above Epson L382 resetter program first.
  2. Turn off your antivirus protection for a while. You may turn it on after you have done the following steps.
  3. Unzip the Epson L382 Resetter Tool file into a folder.
  4. In that folder double-click on ‘Adjprog-esk.exe’ file to run this software.
    Note: Don’t run Adjprog.exe file
  5. Now click on ‘Select’ to choose your printer model number that you have.
  6. In this window, in the Model Name, select ‘Epson L382’ from the drop-down list.
  7. In the Destination drop-down list select ‘EURO’ and click ‘OK’.
  8. Now click ‘Particular adjustment mode’.
  9. In this window select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ and click ‘OK’.
  10. Now select ‘Main pad counter’ and then, click on ‘Check’.
  11. Now select ‘Main pad counter’ and then, click on ‘Initialize.
  12. Now click ‘OK’.
  13. Finally, click on ‘Finish’.

The Epson L382 adjustment tool can be used for multiple things, like Adjusting EEPROM Data Copy, PF/EJ adjustment, Bi-D adjustment, Head angular adjustment, Head cleaning, Ink charge, Top margin adjustment, Head ID Input, Initialize PF deterioration offset, etc.

For all the users of Epson L382 printer it’s highly recommended to keep Epson L382 resetter tool installed on their computer. This adjustment program can have multiple uses.

Questions & Answers

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Question: Its end its service.

Answer: Yes, this resetter tool can fix this 'end of service' issue. Go to the download section and download Epson L382 resetter utility.

Question: My printer l382 has problems of inkpad.

Answer: Yes, it will fix 'Ink pad counter' or 'end of its service' issue. Please try it once. Download it from the above link.

Question: Printer light blinking.

Answer: You are on the right page to download Epson L382 reset utility. So go to the download section above and download the resetter. Reply again if you face any problem in downloading it.

Question: L 386 Printer light blinking, please send resetter.

Answer: I have sent you the L386 resetter to your email. However, the resetter download link is given above so you can download it from there as well.

Question: Well I have completed all and after clicking finish the software goes in "Not Responding" status... is this Normal??

Answer: No, it is not normal.

  1. Make sure you have selected the right port.
  2. Don't select 'platen pad counter'.

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  1. The Link is not Working 🙁
    Please Give me new working link … i need it.
    my printer stopped and i have too much work.

    help me please.

    • The download link is working fine from my side. I’ll check the issue thoroughly. Anyway I have sent the resetter to your email address.

  2. hey tech star am not able to download the link but it is bringing a network error which i tried to solve following your steps bu still am not able to download the file

    • Click on the link to download the file. I’ll bring you an another page, click on “direct download” button from there. As per the following animation.
      download steps

  3. my printer is l382 which has an ink pad end of service life error. when I initialize the waste pad values am getting a communication error code : 210004B0
    please advice.

  4. Please guide me on the ressetter key my printer L382 has stopped working and i have got alot of work am also lossing my clients.Please assist abd*****

  5. after clicking
    ‘adjprog-esk.exe’ it says its not found please direct me and help in any way as soon as possible.

    • If you did not find the adjprog-esk file after extracting it then your antivirus must have deleted that file. Please disable your antivirus for 15 minutes and then extract the zip file.

    • If you did not find the adjprog-esk file after extracting it then your antivirus must have deleted that file. Please disable your antivirus for 15 minutes and then extract the zip file.

    • We have already given the Epson L382 resetter download link and its password in the download section given above. Please go to the download section above to download the resetter. Please let me know if the link doesn’t work for you and if there’s anything else that I can help you more.

  6. please guide me on the resetter key my printer l 382 has stopped working and i have got alot work an also lossing my client please asisist dam********

    • Did you select the right USB port? Do right-click on the adjprog-esk.exe file and then click on “Run as Administrator”.


  8. Hi Techstar, i can’t believe it, it has worked. just in a klick of a batton. it took me two weeks to solve this. You have made my evening. ha,ha,ha,ha,ha .May God Bless you.

  9. oh my God, it works! oufff! I thought that it was a scam – but it works just fine! Disabling the Norton antivirus is a must, then I had a few errors but could manage y clicking only “Main pad counter” and not both counters. Finally the laptop stopped seeing my printer and I had to remove it and install all over again – but that helped and my L382 works again! THANKS A LOT!!!!

  10. Did you tick the checkbox of “Platen Ink counter”? If yes, then don’t select it. Select the “Main pad counter” only.

  11. dear sir/madam
    hope be fine and well i have a problem in service l382 when i download this fille and extract from zip to other folder then the adjprog.esk fill were hide in that way…………..what is the problem and also the antivirus is of for permenant

    • It did not hide, your antivirus has been removed it. So the solution to your problem is just disable your antivirus for 15 minutes and then do the same process again. Let so know again it doesn’t work.

  12. Please as you Know i live in Ethiopia and it is difficult to get buying through Electronic Email.
    so send me please the Link to Reset L382 Epson
    Thank You for your Helping

  13. Sorry Techstar, Im getting difficulties in running the setup, can I get a help please?
    my Printer L382 has stopped working and a have a bulk of papers to work tonight please help me.
    Afra Paul FROM Tanzania af*******

  14. Greetings and respect to you!
    Thank you for this useful and valuable program. Good luck and be successful.
    I still recommend to friends and users who use Epson printers to use this Reseter and solve the problem.

    • Make sure your printer’s USB cable is connected properly. Put it back to the computer, not in front. Don’t use any USB hub. Start your the resetter in administrator mode. Exactly at which point are you getting this error message?

  15. This is where we check (Main pad counter and Platen pad counter).
    – When I check both, it displays communication error with the code.
    – When I check “Main pad counter” only everything is fine.
    So when should both go without displaying an error?
    By the way I would like to know if this method can solve any kind of EPSON?
    I want to say thank you very much and thank you to all your team. I will be delighted to assist you as soon as possible.

  16. “an unhandled exception occurred at $40C081E1” is the message I see when I try to open this: how to solve this problem ?

    • Could you please let me know when you get this error message while extracting the zip file or in opening the adjprog-esk.exe file?

      Please follow the following instructions carefully.
      1. Download and install WINRAR on your computer. WinRaR download link:
      Important Note: It might be possible that your already installed zip file software has gone outdated. Outdated zip software may have the following issues: telling the wrong password (but the password is correct) and showing an error while extracting the zip file (but zip file is OK). So install the latest one to ignore this type of issue.
      2. Disable your antivirus for 15 minutes.
      Important Note: If you do not disable antivirus then you may get an error message while extracting or running the adjustment program (Resetter).
      3. Download the resetter once again to a new location.
      4. Now extract it by right-clicking on it and click on the ‘Extract to’ option.
      5. While extracting it, it will be asking for a password. So the password is: fpdd
      That’s it.

    • You are experiencing this problem because your antivirus keeps removing the resetter’s main file (AdjProg.exe). So disable your antivirus temporarily or restore the deleted file from your antivirus. This will fix the issue.

      • 1) Make sure the zip software should be installed on the computer like WinRAR, Winzip, 7z. If not installed, then install one of them first.
        2) Right-click on the zip file and click on extract files to a folder. All the files will be extracted into the same folder.

  17. Thank you friend, you saved me. At the beginning, I did not believe, I thought it was just another deception. But it’s true. Good luck in everything and good health.

    • I am pleased to know that our efforts helped you. You have made me feel proud. Thanks for the lovely compliment. Have a great day!!

  18. Good day, I always get an error when trying to open the zipped file, so I wonder if it is possible to send me the unzipped file or can I solve the problem in that way?
    Thank you…

  19. sorry tech-star my Epson printer L382 stopped working suddenly and i have a lot of papers to work into this week. can you help me solve my problem. the programme is not responding what can i do.

  20. hello. i have downloaded a resetter for epson L382 but under the extract of the downloaded resetter isnt opening run as administrator option. please help , ir requires service because the is at its end of service.

    • You are experiencing this problem because your antivirus keeps removing the resetter’s main file (AdjProg.exe). So disable your antivirus temporarily or restore the deleted file from your antivirus. This will fix the issue. After you have disabled your antivirus, extract the zip file again and then run the resetter’s EXE file once more, according to its requirement.

      That’s it.

  21. My Epson l382 is saying. A printer ink pad is at the end of it’s service life, please contact Epson support. What should I do


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