Rollo printer has many unique features which makes it one of the most preferred device for printing labels. However, many users have difficulty in downloading and installing a Rollo printer driver on their Windows PC. Therefore, we have prepared this guide which clearly explains how to set up your Rollo printer in Windows operating system.

How to Download

You can download Windows driver for the Rollo printer by clicking on this link. You will get the driver in ‘’ file. Remember the location on your computer where you have saved this Zip file.

How to Install

Open Unzip
Open the zip

Step 1: Open the file downloaded before. In the Zip file, you will find an application file named ‘RolloPrinter_Driver_Win_1.4.4.exe’, double-click this file.
Step 2: Click on ‘Run’.

Run Rollo printer driver
Run Rollo printer driver

Step 3: Select ‘Yes’ when prompted for permission to install the Rollo driver.

Permission Given

Step 4: Begin installation by clicking ‘Next’.

Driver Install
Start Driver Installation

Step 5: Don’t make any changes here, just click on ‘Install’.

Install location
Driver Install location

Step 6: Device Driver Installation Wizard will pop-up, click on ‘Next’.

Driver wizard

Step 7: Now click ‘Finish’ to complete Device Driver Installation Wizard process.

Finish wizard

Step 8: Now click ‘Finish’ on Rollo Printer Drivers Setup window.

Finish setup

That’s it. Now you have installed your Rollo Printer successfully in your Windows operating system.

How to Configure

Step 1: Go to ‘Start’ menu, search ‘control panel’. Then, select ‘Control Panel’.Control Panel open

Step 2: In ‘Hardware and Sound’ section, click on ‘View devices and printers’.View Printers

Step 3: If your Rollo printer is connected to the computer and turned-on, then it would be visible in the printers list.Rollo visible

Step 4: Right-click the Rollo Printer icon and select ‘Printing Preferences’.View preferences

Step 5: In the Printing Preferences window, click ‘Advanced’ in the Layout tab.Advanced

Step 6: Click on the ‘Paper Size’ drop down to select the size of the label that you want to print.Select size

Step 7: The most widely used size is 100mm x 150mm. Select that and click ‘OK’.Configure

This completes configuring your newly installed Rollo printer and now you can start printing labels with this printer.



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