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Kodak ESP 5250 Driver Download (All-in-one Printer)

The Kodak ESP 5250 all-in-one printer offers high quality text and photo printing at an affordable cost. Although Kodak is a lesser known name in commercial printers, this printer has impressive features which deliver amazing performance. The print speed offered by this printer is really fast, at 30 ppm for black and 29 ppm for color prints. This photo inkjet printer supports wireless connectivity, which means you can use your mobile device to give print, scan and copy commands. However, all these functions and many other features are fully utilized only when you install this printer with its genuine Kodak drivers.

In this driver download guide, we are offering Kodak ESP 5250 driver download links for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Along with the original Kodak drivers, we are also providing comprehensive printer driver installation instructions for their proper installation. All the drivers shared below are fully compatible with their operating systems, but you must install them correctly to get their best performance.

Kodak ESP 5250 Driver

Steps to Download Kodak ESP 5250 Driver

We have mentioned all the operating systems supported by this printer in our OS list. To download your Kodak ESP 5250 driver setup file, please follow the download steps given below.

  1. In the OS list, locate the operating system where you want to install this printer.
  2. Click on the download button related to your chosen OS to download your printer driver.

Driver Download Links

Driver description Operating System Download Link
Kodak ESP 5250 Printer driver, software, firmware for
  • Windows XP 32bit
  • Windows XP 64bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit
  • Windows Vista 64bit

Printer Driver

Printing Software


Basic Driver

Basic INF Driver

Here’s the video tutorial on how to install it manually.

Kodak ESP 5250 Printer & Scanner driver for
  • Windows 7 32bit
  • Windows 8 (32bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32bit)
  • Windows 10 (32bit)

Printer Driver

Scanner Driver

Basic Driver

Basic INF Driver

Here’s a video tutorial to learn how to install it manually.

Kodak ESP 5250 Printer & Scanner driver for
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Windows 8 (64bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64bit)
  • Windows 10 (64bit)
  • Windows 11 (64bit)

Printer Driver

Scanner Driver

Basic INF Driver

Here’s a video tutorial to learn how to install it manually.


Kodak ESP 5250 Printer driver, software, firmware for
  • Mac OS v10.1
  • Mac OS v10.2
  • Mac OS v10.3
  • Mac OS v10.4
  • Mac OS v10.5
  • Mac OS v10.6
  • Mac OS v10.7
  • Mac OS v10.8
  • macOS v10.9
  • macOS v10.10
  • macOS v10.11
  • macOS v10.12
  • macOS v10.13
  • macOS v10.14
  • macOS v10.15
  • macOS v11 Big Sur
  • macOS v12.x Monterey
  • macOS v13.x Ventura

Printer Driver

Printing Software



Download the above given driver directly from the Kodak ESP 5250 official website.

How to Install Kodak ESP 5250 Driver

Now that you have downloaded the Kodak ESP 5250 driver package, you should read the installation process before installing this driver. Doing this will allow you to avoid printer driver installation mistakes.

1. Install Kodak ESP 5250 Printer using Driver Package

The installation steps that we have shared below are for Windows 7 OS, but you can follow the same steps for Windows 8 and 10 OS as well.

1. Double-click the downloaded printer driver file and wait for the Welcome screen to appear. In the Welcome screen, accept the agreements and click on Next.


2. You can register your printer at Kodak to get some benefits, but we are choosing “I do not wish to register.” Then, click on ‘Next’.


3. Click the drop-down arrow to see the list of printers supported by this driver package. From the list, choose the “ESP 5200 Series”.

choose printer

4. Then, click ‘Next’.


5. Let the Printer Installer check for the latest updates.


6. Let the Installer download and install the latest updates.

latest update

7. Installer will check again for updates.

update again

8. Once no more updates are found, the installer will start preparing for installation.


9. Installer will now start downloading the components necessary for the installation. The first component will be downloaded and then installed. The whole process may take some time. Just wait and let the process complete.


10. Select ‘USB Cable – connect your cable now’ option. Switch to your printer and connect it to a USB cable. Then, click ‘Next’.

select usb

11. Installer will search for your printer. Once the printer is found, just follow the prompts to complete the installation.


12. Click “Finish” once your printer software is successfully installed.


That’s it. Your Kodak ESP 5250 printer is now ready to use.

2. Install Kodak ESP 5250 Printer Using INF Basic Driver

If the above usual steps don’t install this printer on your computer then you’ll have to use its basic driver (Kodak ESP 5250 INF driver) file and will have to install it manually. Our guide explains in simple steps the right method to install this printer using its INF driver file.

Steps: How to install driver manually using basic driver (.INF driver)

Video: Here’s the video tutorial to install it manually:

Precautions Taken When Installing Printer Driver

If you want to install your printer driver without any hassles, then you must take some precautions during the driver installation process. These precautions may seem simple, but ignore them at your own risk

  • For the proper installation of your printer driver, it requires complete access to your computer. Therefore, when your driver asks for this permission, then grant that permission.
  • Sometimes during driver installation a Windows Security screen may appear stating that the publisher of the driver is unverified. If you have downloaded your driver from an authentic source, then don’t worry and ignore this error so we can proceed further.
  • Windows Firewall has the tendency to block your printer driver from gathering necessary information on your computer. Therefore, you should remove the Windows Firewall block so that the driver can install it properly.
  • Some printer drivers give you the option to upgrade your existing printer driver to its latest version. You should choose this option if it’s available with your driver.

Kodak ESP 5250 Toner Cartridge Details

This Kodak inkjet printer uses one black and one colored ink cartridge. The black cartridges are available in standard (10B-1163641) and high yield (10XL-8237216) sizes, which deliver up to 425 and 770 pages per cartridge respectively. The color (10C-8946501) ink cartridge can print up to 425 pages per cartridge.


  1. Where can I get new printer heads. It got jammed the cartridges.. I cleaned the excess of ink around the pad on the left. It has been awhile and I think it’s dry. I love this printer plus etc. can you help me?


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