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Here’s How to Reset Epson L200 Waste Ink Pad Counter using its Adjustment Software

The Epson L200 is an amazing printer with many features which makes it a high desirable printing, scanning and copying machine. This printer has four ink chambers, one each for Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow inks. Sometimes the printing software of this printer is unable to access ink from these chambers in the right way, which results in poor printing performance.

To resolve these issues you need an ink resetter software called the Epson L200 Resetter Tool. This Adjustment Tool is a completely free utility from Epson. You can easily restore the original performance of your printer by properly using this Epson reset tool. Here, we will not only provide the resetter download link but also describe steps on how to use this adjustment program as an ink resetter for your Epson L200.

Download Epson L200 Reset Utility

You can download the Epson L200 Resetter Tool software from the link given below. From this page, you will get a genuine Epson adjustment program in just one click.

Epson L200 Resetter Download Link

If you face any complications while using the tool, then read its FAQs carefully.

How to Use Epson L200 Adjustment Software

  1. Extract the downloaded Epson L200 Resetter Tool zip file into a folder. Inside the folder, double-click on ‘Adjprog.exe’ file to run this utility.epson-200-resetter-step1
  2. Click on Accept.
  3. Now click on ‘Particular adjustment mode’.
  4. In this Window select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ and then click ‘OK’.
  5. In this window, check ‘Main Pad Counter’, ‘FL Box Counter’ and ‘Ink tube counter’ checkboxes. Then, click on the ‘Initialization’ button.
  6. Now click ‘OK’.
  7. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the process.

This Adjustment software from Epson can be used for many things, such as Adjusting EEPROM Data Copy, Bi-D adjustment PF band adjustment, Initial Setting, Top margin adjustment, Cleaning/Ink Charge, Head ID Input, EEPROM dump, angular adjustment, Small ink reset counter, etc.

If you have Epson L200, then Epson L200 reset utility s a must-have, also it’s completely free software.



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