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How to Use Epson L220 Adjustment Program (Reset Utility)

Over the years Epson has made a lot of improvements in the firmware of the Epson L220 printer, but there are some issues that keep arising because Epson believes them to be part of the printer maintenance routine.

One such issue is when the Epson L220 stops printing and displays an error ‘Service Required’ or ‘ink pad end of its life“. Most users think that this issue arises due to some hardware malfunction and end-up paying a service engineer to resolve this problem. In fact, you can easily resolve this problem by using Epson L220 adjustment program.


Why Epson L220 Printer Displays “Service Required” Error

When the two red LEDs of your Epson L220 start blinking and it shows ‘Service Required’ it means that the Waste ink Pads of your printer needs a reset.

These ink pads are installed for the print head of your printer to absorb the excess ink released from them during a printing session. Therefore, when these ink pads are completely filled with waste ink this error reminds you that they need to be cleaned. That’s it, your printer doesn’t require any hardware service, but a software reset so that it can start printing again.

Download Epson L220 Reset Utility

The Epson L220 reset utility is a 100% free tool which has been designed by Epson to resolve multiple issues related to Epson L220 printing problems. You may easily download the Epson L220 reset utility from Epson’s official website here.

After downloading, I have described in simple steps the right method to use this L220 reset utility. See the steps below.

How to Use Epson L220 Adjustment Program

Follow the steps given below in their exact order to clean the Waste Ink Pads or ‘service required’ problem from your printer.

  1. Download the Epson L220 resetter from the above given download section.
  2. After downloading the Epson L220 reset tool from the above link, extract/unzip it into a folder. If it prompts for a password then use fpdd as a password.l360 reset unzip
  3. Once extracted, there will be three files in the Epson L220 adjustment program from the extracted folder.l220-resetter-files
  4. Right-click ‘AdjProg.exe’ and select ‘Run as administrator’.

3. In the Epson Adjustment Program main screen, click on ‘Select’.


4. Click on ‘Model Name’ drop down and choose ‘L220’.


5. Click on ‘Port’ drop down and choose the port utilized by L220, in this case it’s ‘USB001’. Then, click ‘OK’ button.


  1. Click on ‘Particular adjustment mode’.


  1. Select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ and click on ‘OK’.

ink pad

  1. Select the checkbox of ‘Main pad counter’ and then click on ‘Check’ button.

main pad

9. This will display the counter score. As you can see its 100% and above the maximum allowed points of 6207. We have to make this score zero.


  1. Select the checkbox of ‘Main pad counter’ and click on ‘Initialize’ button.


  1. Click ‘OK’ to start initialization.


  1. Turn off your printer and click ‘OK’.


  1. Turn on your printer and click ‘OK’.


14. After your printer has fully rebooted, click on the checkbox of ‘Main pad counter’ and then click on ‘Check’ button.

check again

15. If the score is zero, then click on ‘Finish’ button. If it’s not zero, then you must have made some mistake in the above steps. Perform steps from 8 to 14 again.


The waste ink pad error on the Epson L220 printer has now been done reset to zero and your printer should start printing normally. Hope the article was useful and you have learned how to reset your L220 printer.

Questions & Answers


Question: After I run it as administrator, then say yes, nothing further happens.

Answer: It means something is blocking up. Most probably blocked by your antivirus. Make sure all precautions are taken properly. To fix this issue, read the following FAQs carefully. Click on this link to get to the FAQs page: https://www.freeprinterdriverdownload.org/epson-adjustment-program-faqs/


    • close the resetter program. then open adjprog.exe properties, go to compability and check the Compability Mode – Run this program in compability mode for:.. then click ok. now open adjprog as a admin and follow the instruction above.

  1. thank you 🙂 after several tries, it worked. i think, my pads were not just placed properly before using this resetter. 🙂

    • its been a year since i replaced my pads.
      i have experienced full counter again.
      now, it just hang when i select “Check”
      anyone help? 🙁

  2. thanks and my printer is now functioning well is only that i didnt see the option for epson L320

  3. My printer was woking 100% ok, but it suddenly stopped printing or photocoping. It feeds the papers well but they just come out plain and the ink tanks are full. What could be the problem? Kindly help.

  4. Dear admin

    I am very grateful for your website which is very helpful

    I pray that your sustenance will run smoothly

  5. आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद जी।भगवान आपको अच्छा स्वास्थ्य और दीर्घायु प्रदान करे।

    • It should have finished in a few seconds. Try plugging the printer’s USB cable into a different USB port on your computer.

    • There could be other issues like paper jam etc. instead of waist-pad overflow. Please look out for other issues too. Or there could be a hardware issue with your printer.

  6. Hello
    When I check the main pad counter my system shows not responding and after some time error message is shown not connected

  7. Hi, My printer EPSON L220 is blinking the power button and red lights together. I tried the reset tool but dont know what should I reset. The waste ink pad counter is at 25% so that doesnt seem to be the issue. If I try to get info on any other parameters, it results in a fatal error. I did a printer information check and I get the following: Please help.
    S/N Redacted
    ROM Version RN07EA
    1st TI received time 04-10-2015
    Manual cleaning counter 29
    Timer cleaning counter 3
    Print pass counter 581032
    Print page counter (Rear) 4236
    Scan counter 1417
    Printer fatal error code 0A H
    Printer fatal error code 2 0A H
    Printer fatal error code 3 0A H
    Printer fatal error code 4 0A H
    Printer fatal error code 5 0A H
    Scanner fatal error code 10 H
    Ink replacement counter Black 0
    Ink replacement counter Cyan 0
    Ink replacement counter Magenta 0
    Ink replacement counter Yellow 0

    • Further, I have cleaned the encoder sensor and also verified the paper pickup roller, it seems fine. Although I couldn’t figure out how freely should the roller move. It, of course takes some effort to move it, maybe that’s normal.


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