Kodak ESP c310 printer is an old printer but it can still work on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 through installing it manually using its basic driver.

kodak c310 driver

Here’s why you need to install it manually instead of the automatic installer. Although, the Kodak website has the C310 driver installer (aio_installer.exe) which is an online installer that downloads the driver while installing, but due to some server issues it cannot download the driver most of the time, that’s why we have to install it manually.

Let’s see how to download Kodak c310 basic INF driver and how to install it manually.

How to download Kodak ESP c310 Driver

  1. Determine the version of the operating system.
  2. Click on the download button from the list below.
Driver DescriptionSizeDownload
Kodak ESP c310 driver for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2000 (32bit / 64bit)19.80 MBDownload
(Basic Driver)
Kodak ESP c310 driver for Windows 7, Server 2003 (32bit / 64bit)29.80 MBDownload
(Basic Driver)
Kodak ESP c310 driver for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Server 2012, 2016, 2019 (32bit / 64bit)182 MB

199 MB
Basic Drivers
Download (32bit)

Download (64bit)
Kodak ESP c310 driver for Linux and Ubuntu (32bit / 64bit)NANot Available
Kodak ESP c310 driver for macOS v10.0 to v10.15, 11 Big SurNANot Available


You may download the same driver directly from the Kodak ESP c310 official download page.

How to Install Kodak ESP c310 Driver

To install Kodak c310 printer manually on Windows OS will require its basic INF driver. Download its basic driver from the above link then install it manually. We have created a video tutorial for the same, please follow the following video tutorial:


  1. Download the basic INF driver which is given in the download section above.
  2. Extract (unzip) the driver’s file from any location.
  3. Connect your printer’s USB or Parallel cable to the computer and make sure the printer is turned ON properly.
  4. Now, go to the “Control Panel” → DevicesPrinters & Scanners.
  5. On the printer page, click on the “add a printer” option
  6. Click on the option “The printer that I want isn’t listed
  7. Then click on the option “Add a local printer manually
  8. Here it is asking you to select the port where your printer is connected. If you connect your printer to the USB port on the computer then select USB001/USB002/USB003, of it you connect this printer to the Parallel port then you should select LPT1 port. Then click the Next button to go for the further process.
  9. Click on Have Disk.
  10. Click on the Browse button and go to the location where you have extracted (unzipped) the driver and select any of .inf file from that folder. Click on OK then.
  11. All the drivers that are in INF files are listed in front of you. Select the printer driver and click on Next.
  12. Name the printer and click on Next. After clicking on Next, it will start installing, so wait until it finishes.
  13. Select “Do not share this printer” and click on Next, if you would like to share the printer you may select “share this printer“.
  14. Click on finish.

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