Kyocera FS-1125 MFP DriverAre you looking for official Kyocera FS-1125 printers and scanner drivers? You have reached the right place, because on this page, you will get the complete information about downloading and installing the Kyocera FS1125 all-in-one printer.

There are two types of drivers available for Kyocera FS-1125 printer, a full feature driver and a basic driver (.inf driver). Fortunately both are given below.

Check out the download section below and there you’ll get the Kyocera FS-1125 MFP driver download links that will be for Windows, Linux and Mac OS in one-click. Along with the driver download link, you’ll get their installation guide as well that will surely help you to set up the printer in the right way. You will find it just beneath the download section.

Steps to Download Kyocera FS-1125 MFP Driver

Go through our OS list given below and select the operating system where you want to install this Kyocera 1125 printer, then click on its download button to start the downloading the driver setup file.

Kyocera FS-1125 MFP Driver for Windows

Kyocera FS-1125 MFP Driver for Mac

  • Kyocera FS-1125 MFP driver for Mac OS 11.x to 12.x Not Available
  • Kyocera FS-1125 MFP driver for Mac OS 10.13 to 10.15 Not Available
  • Kyocera FS-1125 MFP driver for Mac OS 10.12 Download (1.0 MB)
  • Kyocera FS-1125 MFP driver for Mac OS 10.5 and newer Download (729 KB)

Kyocera FS-1125 MFP Driver for Linux/Ubuntu


Download the driver directly from the Kyocera FS-1125 MFP official website.

How to Install Kyocera FS-1125 MFP Driver

Most users are unaware of how to properly install Kyocera 1125 on Windows, which can result in driver conflicts. You must avoid driver-conflicting. Once the driver-conflict occurs, it will be extremely difficult to remove. So the best option is, learn the whole process of installing the Kyocera 1125 printer and then install it.

Therefore, I am going to share the Kyocera FS-1125 MFP detailed installation guide for its full feature driver package. If its full-feature driver doesn’t work, then you can go with the manual installation using the basic driver (.inf driver).

Kyocera FS-1125 MFP Features

The Kyocera FS-1125 MFP all-in-one printer has been designed to deliver high quality prints at a good speed. The buttons on the printer’s display screen allow you to access most of its features with a single press of a button, which truly enhances the user experience.

Despite its high productivity build, this printer has a compact size which makes it a great choice for heavy duty office work. This Kyocera laser printer supports USB and Ethernet connectivity options, which is enough for most offices.

Toner Cartridge Details

This Kyocera monochrome  laser printer uses one Black (1T02M70NX0) toner cartridge for printing, which can print up to 3000 pages.