Download Epson Easy Photo Print Utility for L220 Printer

Question: As every time I tried to install easy Epson photo print of my epson L220 printer it is appeared that if I like to install the new version I should uninstall currently installed the old version. I had uninstalled Epson driver completely. I don’t know the reason. So please provide me an old version of Epson Easy Photo Print software.

Answer: The latest Epson Easy Photo Print software version is version 2.8. First, we suggest you to please uninstall all the Epson’s driver and software completely from your computer and then re-install it again using its latest printer, scanner driver & latest Epson Easy Photo Print software (Utility), it should work. If doesn’t work then use REVO uninstaller tool to uninstall them again completely. After uninstall them from REVO, re-install them again.

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