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Brother DCP-T300 Driver Download & Installation

Learn how to download Brother DCP-T300 Driver from the Internet.

Brother DCP-T300 is the ideal printer that is designed to give value for money in printing, copying and scanning. If you would like to download Brother DCP-T300 latest driver, simply click on the below given download links for all its supported operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. A full Feature pack with printer & scanner driver are all included in the package. If you would like to download its basic driver (.inf driver) leave your requirements in the comments section down below.

Here you’ll get the driver CD that came with the printer and online driver setup file. Both drivers are listed below in the download section. The ISO file of the driver CD is also listed there. Please check them out.


Brother DCP-T300 Printer Screenshot
Brother DCP-T300 Printer Screenshot

Steps to download Brother DCP-T300 driver

Step1: First of all, determine your printer’s exact model number. Learn more.
Note: Look at the printer front, top and back physically to get the exact model number.
Step2: Secondly, determine your operating system. Learn more.
Step3: Determine your OS’s system type; 32bit or 64bit. Learn more.
Step4: Now, download the drivers – you have two options to download the drivers: A and B, see below.

Download Method1:
Download drivers from the download section below – Go to the download section.

Brother DCP-T300 driver and software download link.

You can download the Brother DCP-T300 drivers from here. Choose your operating system and system-type 32bit or 64bit and then click on the highlighted blue link (hyperlink) to download the driver.

Brother T300 driver CD

Download CD
Download the ISO file

  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows XP (32bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows XP (64bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows Vista (32bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows Vista (64bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 7 (32bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 7 (64bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 8 (32bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 8 (64bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 8.1 (32bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 8.1 (64bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 10 (32bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 10 (64bit) – Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver for Windows 11 (64bit) – Download
  • Brother T300 full feature driver for all Windows versions – Download (Full Feature)
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver download for Windows server 2000, 2003, 2012 – Download Operating system drivers are not available, either the drivers are inbuilt in the operating system or the printer does not support these operating systems.
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver download for Mac OS v10.0 to 10.15 Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver download for Mac OS 11.x, 12.x, 13.x Ventura Download
  • Brother DCP-T300 driver download for Linux and Ubuntu Download


Download Method 2:
Download Brother dcp t300 driver from the Brother’s official download page.

How to Install Brother DCP-T300 Printer Driver

Video: Watch this video tutorial to learn how to install BrotherDCP-T300 printer on PC.

Step-by-step Guide: There are two options to install the brother T300 printer, both the options are given below.

Install Brother DCP-T300 drivers through automatic installation wizard method (Automatically)

  1. In this wizard method, you have two options; A and B, follow one of them:

    Install Method 1 – Install Brother DCP-T300 drivers through CD which comes with the printer – Know more
    Install Method 2 – Install Brother DCP-T300 drivers through a driver setup file which is easily available online on its official website – Know more
    Note: In option B above, you can install printer drivers even if you have lost your printer driver disk. Now, you can easily install the Brother DCP-T300 printer driver without using any CD/disk.

  2. Install Brother DCP-T300 drivers through the manual installation method using “Add a printer” option (Manually)

    In this manual installation method you have only one option – C, follow this:

    Install Method 3 – In this manual method, you need to extract the driver file (.inf) from the setup file (installation package) and then install them through the “add a printer” method manually – Know More

Brother DCP-T300 Printer Description

Brother T300 is a convenient, fast, and easy to use printer. It is ideal for use in offices as well as homes. It works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. And it is quite a reliable connection with the computer. I like its connectivity.

t300 control panel

It has one unique feature that I really liked. It has an auto-cleaning option that cleans itself automatically if the printer is not in use for around 10-15 days, so that ink doesn’t clot inside the ink pipe or nozzle.
auto cleaning featureIt has one more feature ‘sleep mode’ which is very useful. The printer goes into ideal mode after a set time 10-15-20 minutes.
T300 sleep modeSince Windows 10 has become popular, it might stop printing problems due to Windows 10 upgrade. In this case, you’ll have to update your printer driver with the latest drivers and the issue will be resolved.

Brother DCP-T300 Printer Features

Brother DCP-T300 has a color display and navigation buttons which are strategically positioned. Now, you can edit, preview and enhance your documents in an easy manner before printing them.

Brother DCP-T300 has fast printing speeds of up to 20 pages per minute. It has both a color and monochrome copy feature with a copy width of 204mm (A4).

It has a high printing resolution and can print up-to 1200 × 2400 dpi. Other features include a standard USB 2.0 interface connectivity.

Brother DCP-T300 Specifications.

This inkjet printer has a memory capacity of 64MB and draws power in AC 220V to 240V 60/60Hz. It measures 435 mm x 374 mm x 180 mm.

It is compact and weighs 7.1 kilograms. The scanner measures 215.9mm by 297 mm and operates best at temperatures of 10 to 33 degrees Celsius.

Ink Tank Cartridge.

Brother DCP-T300 uses a multi-function hub series tank system designed at an angle that allows easy refills with no spillage. The ink tank is easily accessible making the refilling process very simple.


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Q: how can i install my netbook to dcp-t300 without disk drive?

A: Use this Brother DCP t300 driver pack to install it on your computer.

Q: dcp-t300 is my printer my problem is every time i xerox doc its very slowly it consume a minute?

A: Please perform the Power Drain process to your printer and then check the issue is fixed or not. Hopefully the power drain process could fix this issue. If the "photocopy" does slowly even after applied power drain, then it seems like a hardware issue with your printer.

Q: What does it mean by "Print Unable 48 See Troubleshooting in User's Guide?

A: There might be two reasons behind the "Print Unable 48" error

  1. Might be a paper cut piece stuck in the printer.
  2. Printer Mechanical malfunction.

We are sharing with you an article which explained how to fix Print Unable 48 error. Please follow the article's instruction.

Q: dcp-t300 this my printer, my problem is: every time i xerox docs its always jump eventhough paper is in good position, the problem is i dont know how to remove the jump paper, cos my manual guide was lost. please help me how to remove it.

A: Here is the advanced user's manual guide of DCP-t300 printer where they have mentioned how to clean the machine. We suggest you to please do it as followed.

Also, follow one more brother's article which helps you to remove jam papers. Click here.

You may download all the Brother DCP-T300 printer's users manuals.