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(Download) Epson L360 Driver Download

Epson L360 printer is a great combination of better performance and low-cost printing because the printer uses Ink tank technology. All computer peripherals require a driver to work, so this printer will need a driver as well.

On this page, you’ll get the Epson L360 printer driver download links for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. You can install this L360 printer either using its full feature driver or basic feature drivers which includes the scanner driver as well. See the download section below.

Along with the drivers, we’ve included a step-by-step installation guide that will help you get the Epson L360 printer up and running on Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, Server, Linux and Mac OS X. Remember that the L360 printer’s technical model number is C462H (C11CE55501).


  1. Go to Driver Download section
  2. Go to How to install section
Epson L360 InkTank Printer
Epson L360 InkTank Printer

Here’s how to download Epson L360 Driver

for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2000 to 2022, Mac and Linux OS.

  1. First, determine the operating system version and system type 32bit or 64bit.
  2. Go to the download list and click on the download link to Download the Epson L360 driver associated with the operating system that is running on your computer. Each driver has been designed to work with its operating system.

Driver Download Links


  • You can download the same drivers directly from Epson Website.
    Note: You can go for the second (Method 2) option if the first option isn’t for you anyhow. This option is a direct download option from the printer’s official website, so you will always get the latest drivers from there.

If you are facing any problems related to the Waste Ink pad counter, then please read this article to find out how to fix waste ink counter problem.

Epson L360 User Manual Download

Click here to download L360 user manual
Click here to download Epson l360 start here guide

Epson L360 Supported OS.

This Epson L360 printer driver support all the Microsoft operating systems and also supports Linux and Mac operating system: windows XP (32bit) / windows XP (64bit) / windows vista (32bit) / windows Vista (64bit) / windows 7 (32bit) / windows 7 (64bit) / windows 8 (32bit) / windows 8 (64bit) / windows 8.1 (32bit) / windows 8.1 (64bit) / windows 10 (32bit) / windows 10 (64bit), Windows 11, Server, and Mac operating system.

Here’s how to Install Epson L360 Printer Drivers

You have two options to install L360 printer. Check them out below:

  1. Install Epson L360 drivers through the automatic installation wizard method (Automatically)

    [Watch Video] How to install Epson L360 printer driver in Windows

    In this wizard method, you have two methods 1 and 2, follow one of them:

    Method 1: Install Epson L360 drivers through CD which comes with the printer – Read more
    Method 2: Install Epson L360 drivers through a driver setup file which is easily available online on its official website – Read more
    Note: In option B above, you can install printer drivers even if you have lost your printer driver disk. You can now easily install the Epson L360 printer driver without using any CD/disk.

  2. Install Epson L360 drivers through the manual installation method using the “Add a printer” option (Manually)

    [Watch Video] How to install Epson L360 printer driver manually using its basic drivers on Windows 11, 10, 7

    In this manual installation method you have only one option – C, follow this:

    Method 3: In this manual method, you need to extract the driver file (.inf) from the setup file (installation package) and then install them through the “add a printer” method manually – Know More

Epson L360 Printer Description & Review

The L360 from Epson belongs to the Ink Tank System printers, which means the running costs of this printer are extremely low. Being a multi-function device that can offer printing, scanning and copying functionality, it makes sure that you not only save money but also time.

Epson L360 Main Features

The most impressive feature of this printer is its use of Epson’s Ink Tank System. Due to the patented bottle tip design, you can easily do refills without causing any mess. The tubes in the printer have been designed to ensure that ink can smoothly flow through them all the time.

This printer is equipped with Epson’s famous Micro Piezo print head technology. Therefore, it’s capable of delivering improved print speeds for both monochrome and colored prints. High-volume printing is quick and efficient with this printer.

You get exceptionally high-quality prints with this printer as it can print at resolutions as high as 5670 dpi. Also, the one-touch scan and copy function provides you with clear draft copies and sharp scans in just a few seconds.


  1. Variable-Sized Droplet Technology for printing.
  2. Print speeds of up to 33 ppm for black and 15 ppm for color prints.
  3. Print resolution of up to 5760 × 1440 dpi.
  4. Manual duplex.
  5. Input tray capacity of 100 sheets.

Epson L360 InkTank Cartridge

This printer uses the InkTank System of four colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. The ink for this printer is available in ink bottles. The details of these ink bottles are T6641 Black bottle (C13T664100), T6642 Cyan bottle (C13T664200), T6643 Magenta bottle (C13T664300) and T6644 Yellow bottle (C13T664400). The page yield for black ink bottles is up to 4,000 pages. The composite page yield of three colored bottles is up to 6,500 pages.

People can use the above steps to download the Epson L360 printer driver and scanner drivers from the internet. You can also reach them on this page through the following search terms:

Driver Requests:

I am humbly requesting you to send me a printer/scanner driver free of charge to use the Epson printer I bought in printing using my Dell laptop.

Questions & Answers


Question: I need an Epson L360 Series Printer Installer since my CD installer were lost. Please send me a epson l 360 printer driver of 32bit for my windows7 pc

Answer: All the drivers are listed in the download section above, you download it from there.

Question: Please, I am looking for an installer of EPSON L360. May I request a driver for this printer. Thank you

Answer: Go to the download section above and download the driver according to your operating system. All the drivers are listed there.

Question: How the easy step to install d Epson l360 printer. help me to install the proper printer driver epson L360 drivers not installing in 64bit in pc.

Answer: You can easily install this canon L360 printer using following setup guide.

Click here:

Question: pls, send me a printer driver for Epson L360 for me to be able to install my printer on my laptop because I lost my cd. thank you. cannot install the driver.

Answer: Here in this page we have already given all the drivers in the download section above. So, please go to the download section and download your printer driver according to your OS.

Question: Please send me a Epson L360 printer driver install In my mobile Samsung note3

Answer: To print from android phones you just need to install an Epson app that will allow you to print from android phones. Click here to download that Epson app.

See the screenshot below.

Epson Print Enabler for print from mobile


Question: While installing my printer, shows cable not connected but the scanner is working Model 360.


    • Kindly, switch the USB port where the printer cable is connected.
    • If the step one did not work for you then re-install your printer driver completely. All the L 360 drivers are given in the download section above.
    • If the step two doesn't work then maybe your printer's USB cable get faulty. So, replace the printer's USB cable.

Question: A printers ink pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support. What is this problem? how to resolve? how to print?

Answer: Error message: "A printers ink pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support"

It is just a default value of "Waste Ink pad" life instead of the actual current status of the printer's "Waste Ink pad". So don't worry, because it can be reset the default value by an "Epson adjustment program resetter" tool. Zip file password: fpdd. You just need to run the resetter tool and follow its on-screen instruction to reset "Waste Ink Pad". Watch Video  for more help about the Epson resetter tool.

Question: Plus send me a link Epson l360 driver for my pc windows 7 ultimate... Thank you

Answer: We have sent you the driver download links for L360 printer. Although, all the drivers are already listed in the download section above.

Question: Which version enabled us to do manual duplex? I accidentally updated the driver and the option for manual double sided printing is suddenly "greyed-out" and can't be chosed. I read somewhere that we need to install an older version of the driver which still enable that function but I'm not sure if it's true, however I' giving it a try. I really need help with this.. Printer is L360 Epson.

Answer: Maybe the new version driver that you have updated is not installed properly, that's why the button gone greyed out. We recommend you to please do uninstall the printer completely and then reinstall it again with the latest driver. You can find the driver in the download section above. Please don't hesitate to contact us again in the comment section below.

Question: Is the Printer driver available for L360 running 64bit Windows 10.

Answer: Yes, it is already listed in the download section above. We request you to please go to the download section which is listed above and click on the download link listed there. You may click here to download Windows 10 driver.

Question: please send me an epson L360 printer driver for my windows 16 pc.

Answer: I think you are talking about Windows 10 instead of Windows 16. To download Windows 10 drivers, you need to go to the "download section" above, there you can get a download link. If you are looking for a Windows Server 2016 driver, then you can use its basic driver that is also listed there. Click here to download Windows 10 driver.

Question: need installer for my Epson L360 printer driver and scanner

Answer: The drivers you requested is already listed in the download section above. You just need to go to the download section above and click on the download link which is listed in front of the operating system listed there.

Question: Buddy, I want software for the Epson l360. I need a print out.

Answer: All the software & driver download links are already given in the above download section. We recommend you to please download the driver directly from there.

Question: Hi, the installation is successful but there is connection check problem. Please help.

Answer: We recommend you to please switch the USB cable to another USB port of the computer. Make sure the printer's USB cable goes to the back of the computer instead of the front panel. Back USB ports are more reliable from front one. Then install it again with its driver setup file. If this doesn't work then you have to install it manually with its basic driver. Download the above basic driver from the download section above and then install it manually. We are giving you a video tutorial where you can understand properly how you can install its basic driver manually on a Windows-based computer.

Question: I lost my driver Epson L360, now I have been got the problem. To solve my problems let me download this driver for Windows 10.


Sure, we already have mentioned the windows 10 driver in the download area above. Click here to download Windows 10 driver.

Question: Please sent me a resetter for waste ink pad and also the software driver of L360. please and thank you!


Question: How install

Answer: If you are looking for how to install the L360 driver manually on your computer, then follow the video tutorial steps. OR if you want install L360 driver generally, then read page no: 55 from the given Epson L360 user manual.

Question: I have already downloaded the printer driver for my Epson L360. iT DID NOT RUN AUTOMATICALLY. IF I DOUBLE CLICK ,it will show all the numbers in the package.how will I install it/

Answer: After double-click on downloaded file an auto installer wizard will come up (See the screenshot below). If it did not come in your case then go to the extracted folder and double click on the setup.exe file. The extracted folder is located in the %temp% folder (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\WZSE0.TMP\L360_x86_222JAUsHomeExportAsiaML\WINX86\SETUP).

For more detail, watch a video tutorial on how to install L360 printer driver.

If you problem doesn't solve then provide more detail according to the video tutorial so that we can help you exactly.

L360 installer


Question: kindly furnish me the driver installer for EPSON L360 for my notebook (Intel AtomCPU N2800 32-Bit OS) which doesn't have a DVD ROM thank you very much for your help. The notebook is using Windows 7; I bought an EPSON L360 last year which is still working good up to this time. mary

Answer: Nowadays, there is no need CD drive to install printer drivers, because all the printer's companies provide drivers on their website. You can easily download the driver setup file from the printer's official website. Here we are sharing with you the Epson L360 printer & scanner driver setup file. Please download and install them. Find the download links from below.

Question: How do I find maintenance tab on Epson l360?

Answer: You may get the maintenance tab under the “Printer preference” when you right-click on the Epson L360 printer icon in control panel. See the screenshot below for reference. If the maintenance tab is not available there then uninstall the driver and then reinstall the driver again using the latest L360 driver above.

maintenance tab in epson L360


    • I just have checked and all the download which is working perfectly. Please tell me, are you getting any problem while downloading or installing this?


    • There are two drivers available for each operating systems, scanner driver and printer driver. For which operating system do you need Epson L360 driver? Although, all the drivers are listed above. Please let us know your operating system then we’ll send you printer and scanner drivers.

    • Please let us know how may I help you with this printer? All the drivers are already listed in this page above if you are looking for its driver & software. Please reply this comment if you are looking anything else.

      FPDD Team

    • Problem is in your printer driver in your computer, not in printer. Your printer is working good itself. Actually, computer driver (for this printer) is not communicating scanner properly. In this case you should re-install your scanner driver. But before re-install you have to uninstall it properlly. Go to download section of this page above and download scanner driver and re-install it.