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How to Reset Epson L360 Waste Ink Pad Counter Using its Reset Utility for Free | Adjustment Program

The Epson L360 all-in-one inkjet printer is designed for home / word users. It is capable of printing high page volumes and high photo printing in a single INK tank refill.

Despite this being a heavy duty home use printer, sometimes it shows the ‘Service Required’ message on your computer screen after printing several pages. Along with this error message, you will also see red light blinking on your Epson L360 printer control panel.

Most users in this situation tend to think that they will have to call the Epson printer service engineer, but we assure you that many times this error can be resolved by using its reset tool called Epson L360 adjustment program.

This adjustment tool from Epson is also called the Epson L360 resetter tool. Primarily, this tool has been released by Epson to resolve multiple issues related to the Epson L360 printer without making any hardware repairs. In this Epson L360 adjustment program free download guide, you will get a working link to download the official Epson L360 resetter tool and also find instructions for its proper usage.

Epson L360 Resetter Tool Download Link

In this section, you will get a free link to download the full version Epson L360 adjustment tool. The Epson L360 resetter software package that you will get from here is the official release from Epson and you will get it completely free. Also, no password is necessary to access this Epson L360 reset program.

Click on the Download Link button given below

Download Link
If you face any complications while using the tool, then read its FAQs carefully.

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Just download the full version Epson L360 adjustment program from this page and follow the steps given below. In the step-by-step guide shared below, we will describe in easy to execute steps the proper method of using this Epson adjustment software. Below you will find the steps to perform an ink tank counter reset using this program.


For more details, check out this video tutorial.

L360 video

How to Use Epson L360 Resetter Tool

Reset the inkpad using epson L360 adjustment software. After downloading the free Epson L360 adjustment software from the download link provided above, extract the files of the Epson L360 resetter from the folder.

  1. Download the resetter from the above download link.
  2. Turn off / Disable your antivirus protection for a while. You may turn it on after you have done the following steps: (If this step doesn’t perform properly then Adjprog.exe might get deleted by your antivirus, so disable your antivirus). Here is a guide on how to disable antivirus temporarily.
  3. Unzip / Extract the Epson L360 Resetter Tool zip file into a folder. Use password: fpdd
    If you don’t have an unzipper software on your computer then download and install WinRaR software.l360 reset unzip
  4. In the Epson L360 extracted folder double click ‘Adjprog.exe’ to run the program.main program
  5. The first screen of the Epson Adjustment Program will appear. On this screen click ‘Select’.Choose select
  6. Select the ‘Model Name’ of your printer from the drop down options.Select Model
  7. Select the ‘Port’ to which Epson L360 printer is connected.Select Port
  8. After selecting both Model Name and Port, click ‘OK’.click OK
  9. Now select ‘Particular adjustment mode’.adjustment mode
  10. In the ‘Maintenance’ section of the list choose ‘Waste ink pad counter’, and click ‘OK’.waste ink pad
  11. This will open the Waste ink pad counter screen. In this window click on ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox, then click ‘Check’.check counter
  12. You will see a pop-up saying ‘Reading now…’ don’t cancel this pop-up and let it complete the operation.reading now
  13. Now you will be able to see various scores in front of the main ink pad counter. The scores will be in points and percentage. What you have to do next is to make some of these readings ZERO.Numeric count
  14. Again click on the Main pad counter checkbox and this time select ‘Initialize’.initiallize
  15. A pop-up message will appear saying ‘When the OK button is clicked, the counter will be initialized’. Click ‘OK’.OK
  16. Pop-up message will appear displaying ‘Initializing now…’ don’t cancel it.dont cancel
  17. A pop-up message appears stating ‘Please turn off the printer.’ Now, turn off the printer, then click on ‘OK’.printer off
  18. Next pop-up message says ‘Please reboot the printer.’ Now, restart your printer and then click ‘OK’.reboot
  19. Click ‘Finish’.Finalize
  20. You must recheck whether Main pad counter readings have become zero or not. For that, you should again select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ option in ‘Maintenance’ section and click ‘OK’.waste ink pad
  21. In this window click ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox and then click ‘Check’.check counter
  22. ‘Reading now…’ pop-up will appear. Don’t cancel it.reading now
  23. As shown in the picture below, both fields of the main pad counter should show ‘0’ after checking has been performed. If it doesn’t show zero, then you should redo the steps from the start.recheck count
  24. Now click ‘Finish’ to complete the process and ‘Quit’ the Epson adjustment program.End
  25. Now if you try to print with your Epson L360 printer, then your computer should show no error and the pages should get printed normally.
  26. That’s it.

Why Epson L360 Needs Reset

Like said before Epson L360 has been designed to print a high volume of pages. As a result, Epson has placed a large number of sponge pads in the Epson L360 printer. These sponge pads are called ‘Waste Ink Pads’. When the printer cleans its print head after each printing session the waste ink generated by this cleaning process is absorbed by these waste ink pads. When these waste ink pads get filled and start to overflow you see the errors mentioned above and the Epson L360 stops working.

When to Reset Epson L360 Printer

There are multiple errors that appear while using the Epson L360 printer signify that your printer needs to be reset. One such error is when the green power led of the printer is glowing normally while the red led lights are blinking alternately. This malfunction is usually accompanied with a computer onscreen error which says ‘Service Required’. Another time when you can use the Epson L360 adjustment tool is when you see errors like printer’s ink pad are at the ‘End of its Service Life’. Any errors notify you by visiting the nearest Epson Service Center. Then, sometimes an error is shown stating that your Epson L360 printer requires a paper jam reset.

red light

The first impression that you get after seeing these errors is that the present condition of your printer will not improve unless you call for the Epson service engineer and most probably some hardware repair is overdue. However, none of these errors require actual hardware service, but these can be easily resolved by following some software procedures. To perform all these procedures, you require the original Epson L360 resetter program.

Various Functions of the Epson L360 Adjustment Software

The Epson L360 adjustment tool can be used to resolve many issues found in the Epson L360 multifunction printer. Some of the prominent maintenance and adjustment functions performed by this software are:

  • Head angular adjustment
  • Top margin adjustment
  • EEPROM initial setting
  • Initial ink charge
  • Cleaning the print head
  • USB ID input
  • PF band adjustment
  • Bi-D adjustment
  • Head cleaning

Apart from the above mentioned functions there are many other uses of this tool. With the Epson L360 adjustment software you can reset your Epson L360 printer back to its factory settings, which means your printer will start printing with the same settings as it was printing when you used it for the first time. Therefore, if you have an Epson L360 printer you must install this program on your computer as it will save you a lot of money, which you would otherwise spend on printer maintenance.

In this article, you have learned the process of downloading and how-to use Epson L360 resetter tool. Hope you have enjoyed it. Leave your experience about it in the comments down below.



Q: May I install AdjProg.exe directly?

A: Yes, you may directly execute AdjProg.exe file. Don't forget to disable the antivirus for a while.


  1. Really It helped me alot especially now that we are busy printing hundreds of pages for school modules. Thank you, I will try to use my printer now.

  2. I resetted mine but it wont print anything if its black but it’s okay when it’s colored. Kindly help please. I also tried power flushing and head cleaning but that didn’t seem to have done the trick.