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Epson EcoTank L3153 Driver Download (WiFi Printer)

The Epson EcoTank L3153 all-in-one printer is an excellent choice for home users because it includes a number of useful and cost-effective features. This inkjet printer uses ink tank technology, which allows for extremely low print costs. This printer supports USB, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity, so you can easily print from wireless devices such as a laptop, tablet, or phone.

The colour inkjet printer’s output print quality is truly impressive, and you also get the spill-free easy refilling feature with this multi-function machine. The Epson all-in-one printer has many more advanced features, but in order to fully utilize them, you must install this device using genuine Epson printer and scanner drivers.

We have provided Epson EcoTank L3153 driver download links for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems in this driver download guide. All of the drivers available on this page are genuine Epson drivers that are fully compatible with the operating systems listed.

In addition, we have provided detailed installation guides for the printer and scanner drivers so that you can install them correctly on your computer. If you want to connect this Epson all-in-one printer to your Wi-Fi network or directly to your smart device, we’ve included a setup guide for that as well.

Epson EcoTank L3153

Steps to Download Epson EcoTank L3153 Driver

Choose the operating system from our OS list where you want to install your printer driver, then click on the download link associated with your chosen OS version to begin the download of your Epson EcoTank L3153 driver setup file.

Driver Download Links


How to Install Epson EcoTank L3153 Driver

In order to get the best performance of your Epson printer and scanner driver you must install them by using their right installation procedure. Therefore, for your help we have shared below installation guides for the Epson EcoTank L3153 driver package and the Epson EcoTank L3153 INF driver. Read the installation guide which suits your driver type and follow its instructions carefully to avoid printer driver installation mistakes.

How to install driver automatically using its setup file
How to install driver manually using basic driver (.INF driver)

How to Setup Epson EcoTank L3153 through Wireless

Follow the instructions given below to connect your Epson EcoTank L3153 printer with your existing Wi-Fi router network. Before starting the below mentioned setup process you should make sure that your Wi-Fi router is running properly and is ready for use. Also, make sure that your Epson printer is switched off.

  1. First, we need to reset the Wi-Fi settings of your Epson all-in-one. For this, press and hold the ‘Power’ button and the ‘Network Status’ button until the indicators light start to flash alternately.
  2. Wait for about 1 minute for the Wi-Fi settings to reset. During this time the indicator lights will keep flashing alternatively.
  3. If the indicator lights stop flashing, then it’s a sign that Wi-Fi settings have been reset.
  4. Now, press and hold the ‘Wi-Fi‘ button for nearly 5 seconds or until the indicator lights start to flash alternately.
  5. The flashing of indicator lights on the printer control panel is a sign that your printer is sending connection request to your Wi-Fi router. Therefore, you should press the ‘WPS’ button on your Wi-Fi router to answer the connection request and wait for the lights to stop flashing.
  6. When the lights stop flashing it’s a sign that printer has now made the connection with your router and is finalizing the connection. Wait for some time.
  7. Finally, you will see ‘Wi-Fi’ indicator light is fully-lit, which means your printer is now connected to your Wi-Fi router.

That’s it, you have successfully connected your Epson EcoTank L3153 printer with your Wi-Fi router and now you can use other wireless devices connected to your wireless network to operate your Epson device.

How to Setup Epson EcoTank L3153 through Wi-Fi Direct

You can directly connect your Epson EcoTank L3153 all-in-one with your wireless devices, like smartphones. The steps for doing this have been mentioned in this section. Before starting the setup process given below, please, make sure that your smartphone is nearby your Epson printer and its Wi-Fi settings are switched-on and properly configured to accept other wireless devices.

  1. Press and hold the ‘Wi-Fi’ button and the ‘Network Status’ button on your printer control panel until the indicator lights start flashing alternately.
  2. Wait until the lights stop flashing.
  3. When the lights stop flashing it means your printer is now initializing its Wi-Fi Direct feature. Wait for some time.
  4. When the Wi-Fi Direct light is fully-lit it means your printer is now ready to be connected with other compatible wireless devices via its Wi-Fi Direct feature.
    fully lit
  5. Press and hold the ‘Network Status’ button for 15 seconds or until your printer starts printing the Network Status Sheet.
  6. In the Network Status Sheet you will find the ‘SSID’ and ‘Password’ details of your printer. Note down the Wi-Fi password for the future step.
  7. Go to the ‘Wi-Fi settings’ of your wireless device or smartphone.
  8. In the list of available wireless devices, choose the ‘DIRECT-XX-EPSON-XXXXX’ device.
  9. Enter the Wi-Fi password noted down in Step 6 and tap on the ‘Connect’ button.

That’s it, you have successfully connected your Epson EcoTank L3153 all-in-one with your smartphone by using the Wi-Fi Direct feature of your printer. Now, to operate your Epson device by using your smartphone you must download and install the Epson iPrint app on your smartphone. You can find this app for free on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Ink Cartridge Details

The ink for this inkjet printer comes in Black (C13T00V198), Cyan (C13T00V298), Magenta (C13T00V398) and Yellow (C13T00V498) ink bottles. The page yield of Black ink bottle is up to 6500 pages, while that of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow ink bottles is up to 7500 pages per bottle.


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