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Epson L805 Resetter Tool Download for Free | Adjustment Program

Epson L805 printer is a highly popular Inktank printer and is well known for producing good quality photo prints. When using the Epson L805 printer in the long run, it may start showing errors like ‘Waste Ink pad counter end of its life’ and ‘service required’. Along with these error messages, the red lights start blinking on the printer as well. To fix these types of errors, Epson has made L805 resetting adjustment software that can easily resolve all the errors by resetting the printer to its default / factory settings.

In this download guide, we will provide the Epson L805 resetter adjustment program tool free download link. Also, we will explain in simple steps how to install this adjustment program and use it to resolve some basic printer maintenance tasks.

Epson L805 Resetter Tool Download Link

Use the following download link to get the original Epson L805 adjustment program (Resetter program). It is a one-click download button that will work for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and servers.

Click on Download Link button

Download Link

Password: fpdd

File: Epson-L805-resetter-tool-adjustment-program.zip
If you face any complications while using the tool, then read its FAQs carefully.

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If you are looking for an Epson 805 driver and software, you can download the driver from here.

How to Use Epson L805 Resetter Software

Here, we will tell you how to use Epson L805 adjustment program to resolve waste ink pads issues.

  1. Download the above Epson L805 resetter program first.
  2. Disable your antivirus temporarily. Here’s a guide on how to temporarily disable your antivirus.
  3. After downloading the resetter tool, unzip it into a folder. If it is asking for a password then use fpdd as a password.
    extract L805
  4. Now open the folder and run ‘Adjprog.exe’ file. run adjprog file
  5. This will open the Epson L805 adjustment program. Click on ‘Particular adjustment mode’.select adjustment mode
  6. In this window, you can see all the maintenance functions this program can perform. Select ‘Waste ink pad counter’ and then click ‘OK’.select waste ink pad counter
  7. In this window, click on ‘Main pad counter’ and ‘Platen pad counter’ checkboxes and then click ‘Initialize’.select pad counter and initialize
  8. In this pop-up window click ‘OK’ to start initializing waste pads.
    start initialize pad counter
  9. Once initializing is done, click ‘Finish’ and close the program.

click finish after done

That’s it, your Epson L805 printer reset has been completed.

As you have seen, the Epson L805 resetter program can perform multiple functions to ensure the proper performance of your Epson L805 printer. Performing all those maintenance tasks is as easy and simple as the one described above. Therefore, the Epson L805 resetter adjustment program tool is a must-have software for users who own the Epson L805 printer.

Why Reset Epson L805 Printer: Sometimes, the Epson L805 printer may display some errors, such as excess ink in waste pads, cartridge head cleaning required, etc. Many users may think that such problems require servicing the printer manually, but most times such errors can be fixed by using Epson L805 adjustment software. The best part about using this tool is that you don’t need to have expert technical knowledge.

Questions & Answers


Question: EPSON L805 BRINGS A MESSAGE THAT A "printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support".

Answer: Yes, use the above given L805 adjustment utility to fix this error.

Question: My printer is giving lines to paper.

Answer: This seems to be related to the print-head problem. You'll need to clean the print-head and nozzle: Clean the printhead of the printer: https://www.freeprintersupport.com/how-to-clean-print-head/

Question: communication error error code: -20000101

Answer: If you are getting "communication" error, then try to switch the USB port to another one. Try to power drain your printer as well. Here's how: https://www.freeprinterdriverdownload.org/power-drain-printer

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  1. My L805 did not reset the inkpad its like freesing when i turn it on after 15 sec it will blink 2 red lights — dunno whats the problem

  2. hello dear!
    am facing a serious problem with my epson printer l805, when i print any document it cuts the header words/picture/text. hence it appears a hard document on top of the printed paper. Please i need your help on this

  3. First of all thanks for the solution you’ve provided it works well,
    but I have a problem that’s making me crazy,
    “why my l805 printer prints reddish photos despite all the several maintenances I have carried out?”
    six ink tanks are full,
    Any help plz

    • If you have a print quality issue with your Epson L805 printer then try advance cleaning, but make sure to plug out all the Ink tank’s caps while performing the cleaning process. If this trick doesn’t work for you then this could be a hardware issue with the print head. If so, you’ll have to repair it manually from printer repair shop.
      See the following screenshots:

  4. I am using Epson L805 printer,I face the problem of offline printer ” when I want to print a document the message comes that a printer is offline” while is on so how can I do

  5. Hello my epson l805, is flashing 2 red lights, i have tried clearing the print jobs and when i do this the lights go off but when i order for a new print(photo paper 6*4 size), the paper jams half way in the printer and the red lights flashes again. Can you please help.

    • If the flash light is blinking half way while printing it means the problem in the printer’s mother board. To fix this, power drain your printer: https://www.freeprinterdriverdownload.org/power-drain-printer/
      If the printer takes the paper but does not print and then gets jammed, it means the problem of the simple paper jam. In this case, we suggest that you clean your printer from the inside.

      If the issue doesn’t fix the we suggest you to reset your printer using its reset utility which is given above.