Epson Stylus CX5500 Printer Snap

If you are looking at drivers of Epson Stylus CX5500 printer? here we have all the working links to download drivers. If we talk about it because of its ability to deliver great results every time and for every situation, the Epson Stylus CX5500 is an ideal printer for a home office or small business environment.

In this driver download guide, we will provide legitimate links to download Epson Stylus CX5500 drivers for multiple operating systems. You will also get comprehensive information on the fastest way to install those drivers on your computer.

How to download Epson Stylus CX5500 driver

Determine the operating system on which you will be installing the Epson Stylus CX5500 printer. Select the operating system from the list of operating systems mentioned below and download the Epson Stylus CX5500 printer driver associated with it.

Driver Description Download Links
Epson Stylus cx5500 Driver for Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2000 to 2022

Printer Driver 32bit

Printer Driver 64bit

Scanner Driver 32bit/64bit

Epson Stylus cx5500 Driver for Mac OS 10.x, 11.x, 12.x Monterey

Printer Driver

Scanner Driver


You can download the same driver from Epson CX5500 official website.

How to install Epson CX5500 driver

We have tried to simplify the driver installation process for the printer driver. Therefore, we are providing a driver installation guide on this page. Our guide describes in a simple way the shortest method of installing a printer driver. Because our installation process is different for each operating system you should read it carefully before installing the driver.

Uninstallation: To get rid of driver conflicts from your computer, you must uninstall all unnecessary and old printer drivers. If you are unable to do this, then at least make sure that only useful drivers are running on your computer when you are using your Epson Stylus CX5500 printer.

Option1: How to install drivers for the Epson Stylus CX5500 printer using the CD wizard:

  1. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button on it.
  2. Load the driver CD that came with your printer into your computer’s CD drive.
  3. The AutoPlay window will pop-up and prompt you to Install or run the program from your media.
  4. Click on Run or execute the file named Autorun.exe.
  5. Windows will ask you if you want to open the installer at which point you should click on Yes.
  6. Before the installation can continue, you need to review the agreements and then click on the checkbox next to “I have reviewed and accepted the installation agreement”.
  7. You’ll now be prompted to click Next to begin installing the Epson Stylus CX5500 printer drivers. The Installer will copy files from the CD and transfer them to your computer.
  8. A menu with a few choices will appear, so make sure you choose the way you want to connect the printer to your computer.
  9. Choose to either connect it through a wireless network, a wired network or using a USB cable.
  10. A window will then appear asking that you connect one end of the USB cable to your printer and the other to your laptop/computer.
  11. Your computer will find the printer (automatically) and then continue/next with the installation.
  12. Once the installation is complete, the installer will notify you about it.
  13. A window will appear saying the software was successfully installed, Click Finish.

Option2: How to install drivers for the Epson Stylus CX5500 printer Installation package:

You can install printer drivers even if you have lost your printer drivers CD. You can install Epson Stylus CX5500 printer without CD (disc).

Method1 to download driver

  1. Go to Epson Stylus CX5500 official website and click on the Download drivers button.
  2. Enter your printer name in the Find My Product box.
  3. A series of results will appear, so make sure you select your specific printer model by clicking on it
  4. Choose your operating system that matches your version of Windows.
  5. Choose either the Basic Driver or Full Feature Driver. The Basic Driver package includes all the basic files required to use the printer. The Full Feature package includes extra software, such as maintenance programs, utilities and even photo editing apps.

Method2 to download driver

  1. You can download the driver through this page as well. Driver Download links are also given on this page, you can download them from here directly. Scroll above to find the driver download link.

Then follow the below given instructions to install Epson Stylus CX5500 driver

  1. Click on the driver package and choose where you want to download it on your computer.
  2. Click Save and wait until the download is complete.
  3. Double click on the Driver package of your choice after it’s downloaded. The installation will extract the files required to begin.
  4. The installation will now begin, so walk the Wizard prompts to install the drivers.
  5. Accept Installation agreements.
  6. Connect your printer to your computer when prompted to do so.
  7. Click Finish to finish installing the drivers.

How to install drivers for the Epson Stylus CX5500 printer through “Add a printer” (Manually):

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Locate the Control Panel on the right and click on it.
  3. Go to Hardware and Sound.
  4. Under Devices and Printers, click on Add printer.
  5. Choose Add a local printer if you don’t have a USB printer listed on the list. That’s because Windows installs USB printers automatically as you plug them in.
  6. Choose a port for your printer or create a new one and then click Next.
  7. Choose your printer from the list (including brand and model) and click Next.
  8. Now all you have to do is select Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended) and click Next. If you can’t find your printer drivers on this default list, then you have to download drivers first from their own official website, then extract them from the temp folder, then give that temp folder path in this “add a printer” installation wizard.
  9. Click next again and then click Finish.

Driver Compatibility

All our printer drivers are designed to work with their respective operating systems. However, to be completely sure, we have thoroughly tested our drivers for their compatibility with their respective operating systems and the Epson Stylus CX5500 printer. This has been done to ensure that you don’t have to encounter any driver incompatibility problems after installing our drivers on your PC.

Supported operating systems

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 (32bit-64bit)
Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32bit-64bit)
Mac OSX 10.x, 11.x, 12.x Monterey


  • Epson On-demand Inkjet (piezoelectric) printing technology.
  • Printing resolution of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi.
  • Print speed of up to 25 ppm for black and up to 13 ppm for color prints.
  • Scanning resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi.
  • Input paper tray capacity of 80 pages.

Questions & Answers

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Question: Can't operate the scanner

Answer: We recommend you to please reinstall the Epson CX5500 scanner driver. Sometime scanner driver got corrupted or got conflicted with other one. So please re-install the scanner driver.



  1. have installed the epsom cx5500 but can not get the ink status to come on.
    So i can’t check the ink levels.


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