Canon is famous for its high-performance printing. However, like any other machine, Canon printers are also prone to errors. One such error that troubled users of Canon printers is popularly known as, Canon E202 Error. In this guide, we will discuss probable causes of Canon Error 202 and some steps you can take to fix error 202 (E202) in Canon printer.

canon printer error e202

What the Causes of Canon E202 Error?

Almost every Canon all-in-one can display E202 error. This error doesn’t allow the users to access the printing, scanning and copying features of their Canon multifunction device. The cause of this error can differ based on the printer model, but one common malfunction that causes this error is the improper functioning of scanner.

Commonly, it’s noticed that when scanner is not able to go back to its start position, which is the left side of the glass flatbed, your Canon MFP will display E202 error. This happens when either CCD unit of your scanner is faulty or the cable that connects the CCD unit to your all-in-one has some fault. Therefore, the surest way to fix this error is to replace your CCD unit or its cable with a new one.

How to Fix Error 202 (E202) in Canon Printer

We are taking an example of Canon MF 231 printer, but the same steps can be followed for all Canon MFP printers. Outer design of the MFP’s may be different, but inside the scanner all the Canon all-in-ones will have the same design.

  1. Open the two screws on the top of your scanner.
  2. Then, open the screws on the downside of your scanner.
  3. Now, slowly unlatch the plastic panel which holds the scanner glass top. You can use a blunt plastic strip for assistance.
  4. Once plastic panel is removed, scanner glass will be free for removal. Remove it.
  5. Information: This will expose the CCD unit which is placed on a metal rail, attached to a ribbon and a rubber strip. The rubber strip is running on two rollers and one of the rollers has a spring attached to it.
  6. Move CCD unit to the middle and remove the rubber strip from the roller wheel which doesn’t have spring attached to it.
  7. Now remove the rubber strip from the other roller and gently detach ribbon from the CCD unit.
  8. Next, gently detach rubber strip from the CCD unit.
    Now, your old CCD unit free to be removed from your printer. Take the new CCD unit and follow the steps given below.
  9. Take the new CCD unit and gently reattach the rubber strip and ribbon. Then, place the CCD unit on the metal rail.
  10. Next, place the rubber strip around the roller with spring and then stretch it to place on the other roller.
  11. Once new CCD unit is properly placed, before moving to the next step make sure that CCD unit is moving freely over the metal rail without any obstruction. A properly attached CCD unit should look like this.
  12. Put the scanner glass to cover the CCD unit. Make sure that scanner glass is stable on the slots made for it and is not moving.
  13. Reattach the plastic panel to hold the scanner glass. Then, tighten the screws on the top side and downside of the scanner. Now you can restart your printer and it will print, scan, and copy properly.

That’s it.

The steps given above should be followed exactly in the order they have been mentioned. Just remember that all the components of your scanner are sensitive to damage, therefore, when you are working with them you should apply the least force possible and try to do everything gently. By following the steps given in this guide you will be able to fix error 202 in your Canon MFP printer.

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