Epson is a well-known company that designs printing and scanning devices of the highest quality. However, sometimes Epson printers display ‘Service required’ error and make it impossible for the users to print more pages. Here, we will be providing suitable guidance necessary for the resolution of this error.

Reason for Service Required Error

The Epson ‘Service required’ error is displayed because the sensors of your printer ink cartridges send the signal that either your cartridges need replacement or they need to be properly cleaned. This error on the screen is associated with a blinking red light on your Epson printer.

Now, we will tell you how you can easily resolve this complex looking problem of your Epson printer displaying the service required error.

How to Resolve Service Required Error

  1. Download Epson adjustment program for your Epson printer. Here’s the list Epson Adjustment Program list.
  2. Open the downloaded Epson Resetter file and run Adprog.exe.
  3. In the Adjustment Program, click ‘Select’.
  4. Select your printer ‘Model Name’ and click ‘OK’.
  5. Now click ‘Particular adjustment mode’.
  6. Select ‘Waste Ink pad counter’ and click ‘OK’.
  7. Click on ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox. Then, click ‘Check’.
  8. This screen shows how many printouts you have taken from your printer. It will also show that its 100% full. This is the real reason behind the ‘Service required’ error you were encountering. Now, we will tell you how to resolve this problem.
  9. Again click on ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox and click ‘Initialize’.
  10. In this pop-up box, click ‘OK’.
  11. Next pop-up box will tell you to ‘Please turn off the printer’. Now, turn off your printer and then click ‘OK’.
  12. Next pop-up box will say ‘Please reboot the printer’. Now restart your printer and click ‘OK’.
  13. Now once again click on the ‘Main pad counter’ checkbox and then click on ‘Check’.
  14. In this screen, both ‘point’ and ‘percent’ should be ‘0’. This is a sign that this issue has been resolved.
  15. Now click ‘Finish’ and close all other windows related to the Epson Adjustment Program.
  16. That is it. The Epson Service required error has been fixed and now you will be able to take printouts from your printer just as before.

That’s it!

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